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Two Single Garage Doors vs. One Double Garage Door

If you’re building or remodeling a spacious garage that can hold multiple cars, you may need to consider which is better — having a double garage door that two vehicles can fit into or two single-car garage doors. Both have their advantages and drawbacks, so you will need to consider your needs and the aesthetic you would like for your property. Single Garage Doors vs. Double Garage Doors — Which One Is Right for You? If you are wondering whether you should have two single garage doors in your garage or one wide double garage door, ask yourself the following […]

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How to Care for Your Awning

Do you plan on installing or currently have an awning on your property? If so, you might be wondering how to maintain your awning. An awning provides shade and protection from the elements. Since they live their entire life outside, though, they need the right care. In fact, taking care of your awning is essential for extending its lifetime and getting the most out of your investment. Tips to Care for Your Awning Like many things on the exterior of your home. If you leave your awnings to fend for themselves, you’ll find yourself replacing them every few years. But […]

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Top 4 Practical Uses for Awnings

To some, awnings might seem like unnecessary additions — but that’s only because not everyone is aware of the many practical uses an awning offers. From added energy efficiency to increased home value, the purposes of installing an awning on your home cover cash savings and health benefits. If you’re curious as to how adding an awning to your windows or doors will increase the quality of your life, keep reading. Why Have an Awning? At Liberty Door and Awning, we believe every home needs at least one awning. Here are the top four reasons why: 1. They Boost Energy […]

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The Dangers of DIY Garage Door Repair

You can complete many exciting do-it-yourself (DIY) projects around the home, from painting your deck to building simple structures. DIY projects are both challenging and fun. In some cases, they can even save you money. However, you should never try to DIY a garage door repair job. Is It Dangerous to DIY-Repair a Garage Door? Quite simply, yes. People have been seriously injured or even killed trying to repair garage doors themselves. DIY garage door repairs are dangerous for several reasons: 1. Garage Doors Are Heavy and Can Fall Once off their tracks, garage doors can easily fall — and […]

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Window Awning Benefits

You’ve seen awnings before. Perhaps your neighbor has some on their home, or your favorite retail shop has one over their entrance. But did you know that the benefits of window awnings including saving you money and increasing the value of your home? Read on to learn more about awning benefits. Benefits of Window Awnings What are the perks of window awnings? There are several, but these are the top four: 1. Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal Our awnings come in an array of colors, patterns and designs. From simple cream to blue-and-white striped options and more, awnings can add […]

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How Can an Insulated Commercial Garage Door Change Your Business?

The kind of garage doors your company has may seem like a minor concern, but your garage doors can have a significant impact on your business. The right garage door can provide various benefits to your company, employees and customers. For many organizations, an insulated commercial or industrial garage door is the right choice. These doors typically consist of exterior and interior steel skins separated by a continuous thermal break and filled with foamed-in-place polyurethane foam. This construction provides superior insulation that can be extremely beneficial for your business. Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors You might wonder if insulated garage […]

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Preparing Your Patio Space for Spring and Summer

Spring and summer are around the corner. This means your outdoor spaces will likely start seeing a lot more use. If you’re wondering how to ensure you make the most of your outdoor spaces, or how to maximize your own happiness and productivity, we’ve compiled these tips to prepare your outdoor space for spring. It all starts with adding an awning to your outdoor space. Here’s a look at what awnings can do for you, whether you’re a homeowner, restaurant owner or business owner. 1. Homeowners With warmer weather around the corner, you want to make sure your outdoor space […]

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Tax Refund Home Project Ideas

It’s tax season, and if you end up with a refund, you might be thinking about where to spend that money. Many people choose to invest their tax returns into their home. If you’re planning to go that route, we recommend planning now so that when your check comes in the mail, you already have your tax fund home improvement ideas all lined up. Keep reading to discover the tax return home project ideas that add the most value to your home. Top Five Tax Refund Home Improvement Ideas These tax refund home improvement project ideas are simple, affordable and […]

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Common Garage Door Problems

Most of the time, the openers for your garage doors work smoothly. However, all mechanical systems — including those controlling your garage doors — can have issues. While a variety of situations can arise, the most common garage door problems are: Common Garage Door Problems 1. Reversing If your garage door begins to shut and then reverses, the most common issue is the sensors, also known as safety eyes. These are found on the bottom of the garage floor and along the sides of the door. Their job is to prevent the garage door from closing if an object or […]

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How To Pick A Durable Garage Door

With all the options available to you, choosing the best strong garage door for your home or business can be challenging. If you’re like most homeowners or business owners, you aren’t regularly shopping around for a new garage door. So, you probably don’t realize today’s modern models are not at all the same as they were 15 years ago. The durability of garage doors today are stronger, and they’re better insulated, more secure and require much less maintenance. There are also a larger range of choice in styles, colors and materials. Along with being made with more durable materials, today’s […]

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