Garage Doors & Awnings In Monmouth County, NJ

Liberty Door and Awning is a locally owned and operated awning, window and door business that specializes in a complete line of home improvement products and services.

Garage door installation, garage door repair, garage door openers, hurricane shutters, replacement windows and more. We offer a huge selection of quality products and back them up with professional services.

Residents of Monmouth County are all too familiar with the intense weather systems that slam the Atlantic coast during hurricane season. Liberty Door and Awning sells and installs an extensive offering of hurricane protection products by Alutech United. Protect your home and family from high winds and driving rain by installing shutters, storm panels or screens. Products can be adapted to fit any window or door opening.


  • Garage door replacement and installation
  • Residential and Commercial garage door maintenance
  • Garage door service repair
  • Awning replacement and installation
  • And more…

Garage Door Service In Monmouth County, NJ

In addition to our sale and installation of window, awning, door and hurricane protection products, Liberty Door and Awning also wants to highlight our garage door service in Monmouth County, NJ. Whether we sold and installed your garage door or not, if you’re an area homeowner, we are happy to provide the kind of high-quality garage door service that has kept our company famous and thriving for half a century.

Whether you are researching popular garage door styles or seeking garage door opener maintenance, repair or installation, you’ll always get great customer service, consummate professionalism and a job done right at a great price when you come to us.

Garage Door Maintenance In Monmouth County, NJ

We want our neighbors to enjoy their garage doors being in great working order for a long time. That’s why we promote our garage door maintenance services. Good garage door maintenance is an easy, inexpensive way for you to keep your garage door working at its best and for you to make sure it lasts a long time.

If you’ve gone your entire homeownership without garage door maintenance, you may think you don’t need it, but that’s all the more reason you should get it right away. Most of your garage door parts are designed with an expiration date. There’s no way to know what it is beforehand, but a professional inspection can usually uncover a part that’s about to go.

If you can find those parts and replace them now, you can prevent headaches later. If that part fails suddenly, it can stop your garage door at an inopportune time and land you with a major repair bill if the failure spreads to nearby parts.

Our skilled and friendly technicians can assess your system quickly and let you know about any minor repairs or part replacement that may be necessary. We’ll also clean up the unit so it runs more smoothly than it probably has in some time. We can do all this for a fraction of what a big repair or replacement bill would cost. You get to save yourself some headaches and possibly a considerable amount of money when you schedule routine maintenance.