Colonial Garage Doors For New Jersey Homes

Colonial style homes are some of the most popular here in the area.  Liberty Door & Awning has a number of Colonial style garage doors to provide the best match for homeowners here in New Jersey.

Colonial Garage Door

Colonial-style homes date back all the way to when European settlers crossed the Atlantic Ocean, giving them a reputation steeped in rich history and consistent popularity.

People all around the country have loved — and continue to love — Colonial homes for their distinctive charm and character, but they’re still often open to modern twists to keep the house convenient and current. Clopay® manufacturers different Colonial style garage doors that fit the demands of old-fashioned homeowners, and Liberty Door and Awning is a proud carrier of those products.

In fact, we are the largest Clopay dealer throughout New Jersey, as our dedicated experts have supplied to clients for more than 20 years. With unmatched skill, snappy service and a focused approach, we aim to solve problems and provide satisfactory results for anyone looking to match their garage door to their home’s style.

What Is A Colonial Style Garage Door?

The term “Colonial” can be split into various substyles, as different groups of people created their takes on the American archetype, which drew inspiration from European influences. You can find Revivalist Colonial homes, which became famous starting in 1876 during the country’s centennial, as well as French, Dutch and Spanish Colonial homes.

Each group added their unique spins — like distinct Dutch roofs that utilized steeply pitched gambrels and flared eaves with a porch beneath — to the basic blueprint, which usually specifies that a house has the following:

  • Symmetrical square or rectangle shape
  • At least two stories
  • A central entry doorway
  • Balanced window display, typically with 4-5 slots on each floor (with the front door included in the count)
  • Natural building materials, such as wood siding, brick and occasionally shingles

With that in mind, a Colonial garage door should attempt to coincide with the house’s design. It needs balance, an emphasis on natural elements, callbacks to the house’s traditionalist roots or some combination of all those qualities.