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When was the last time you had garage door roller service for your New Jersey home? If you’re like many homeowners, there’s a good chance the answer is “never.” If you’re not familiar with the inner workings of your garage door, you may not realize how important garage door roller inspection service in New Jersey homes is.

A great garage door is one you rarely have to think about. You activate the garage door opener, the garage door goes up or down, you go in and out and go on with your day. But a lot goes into making that system work, and a little bit of regular maintenance can allow you to keep relying on that system day in and day out, year after year.

Part of that maintenance includes caring for your garage door rollers.

Without properly lubricated and maintained garage door rollers, your garage door will not open and close smoothly and may not open or close at all. Fortunately, Liberty Door and Awning stands ready to be your garage door roller inspection company in New Jersey. As a member of the New Jersey Better Business Bureau for over 20 years and a trusted name in garage door service in New Jersey since the 1960s, you can be confident the maintenance and repair service we deliver is top-notch.

Our technicians are highly skilled in maintenance and repair and are familiar with the inner working of all major garage door and garage door opener brands. You can be sure that whatever maintenance or repairs we perform on your garage door will be first-rate.

What Are Garage Door Rollers And Why Do I Need To Maintain Them?

When you activate your garage door opener, the operator uses torsion springs to pull the door up into the garage. The way the door is able to slide up is with rollers on the door that slide along tracks until the door fully retracts. When you close the garage, the process works in reverse.

Either way, if you do not properly service and lubricate your garage door rollers, they will not roll smoothly along the tracks and you will have problems with the operation of your garage door.

Why Do I Need Garage Door Roller Inspection?

Your garage door rollers are steel or nylon wheels designed to fluidly roll along your garage door tracks. (If your garage door is too loud when opening or closing, your steel rollers may be the problem. Let us know and we can discuss replacing them with nylon wheels instead).

Like all other moving parts of your garage door system, constant use day after day will wear down your rollers and cause them to lose lubrication. This can ultimately result in a door that starts and stops, stutters and jerks, moves too slowly or doesn’t work at all.

When Should I Call For Garage Door Roller Maintenance Service In New Jersey?

All things being equal, you should have us provide garage door roller lubrication service for your New Jersey garage door at least twice a year. Even with regular lubrication and maintenance, you will probably want to replace your rollers every seven years or so. However, if you see signs that your rollers are having problems, you should contact your garage door roller service company right away. Such signs include:

  • An unusually loud rumbling when your door goes up or down
  • A garage door that “jumps the track”
  • A door that sticks or stutters on its way up or down
  • Obvious visual damage to the rollers

How Does Garage Door Roller Service, Inspection And Maintenance Work?

Liberty Door and Awning is an experienced garage door roller maintenance company in New Jersey. At the time we schedule, our technicians will show up for your garage door roller inspection and maintenance. We start by lifting the door and securing it in place to minimize the spring tension. Then we unplug the opener and separate the roller and hinges to facilitate a full inspection.

Our technician than looks for any signs of cracks, corrosion, chipping or other damage to the roller. If the roller is indeed damaged, we will replace the damaged roller and put the system back together.

The final step is to lubricate the rollers and all other moving components in the garage door system to ensure smooth and accurate operation. Once the final step is complete, we will test the garage door several times to make sure the roller replacement was effective and the garage door is working normally.

How Do I Order Garage Door Roller Maintenance Service In New Jersey?

You never want to try to replace garage door rollers by yourself. An untrained repair attempt could result in injury to you and damage to the garage door system that voids the warranty and leads to a costly repair.

Fortunately, self-repair is not necessary. All you have to do is call Liberty Door and Awning at 732-286-3667 or contact us online right away to request garage door roller maintenance service. We recommend a full inspection and maintenance service call where we examine your springs, cables, rollers and tracks, clear away any dirt and debris that may have gotten into the system, lubricate all the moving parts and tighten or adjust any loose or off-track components.

Regular maintenance is the best way to make sure your garage door stays in optimal working order for as long as possible. Get in touch with us today!