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Hurricane Shutters in Ocean County & Monmouth County, NJ

Hurricane season in New Jersey, especially on the coast, can be a frightening time. The force of these intense weather systems can cause catastrophic damage to homes and property, not to mention threaten the safety of your loved ones. The installation of protective hurricane shutters helps stabilize the integrity of your home, protecting your home and family from high winds and driving rain.

New Jersey hurricane season

May 1st – November 30th
Protect your home and family.

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Our Selection of Hurricane Shutters

Liberty Door and Awning is a proud exclusive dealer of Alutech hurricane shutters. Alutech is the industry leader and standard when it comes to hurricane shutters. They offer the best selection of protective shutter types and are a local company to the North East, meaning they best understand the different needs for New Jersey homeowners.  Alutech provides the best product and protection for homeowners which is why Liberty Door & Awning has choosen to provide these shutters to our customers. 

We offer several different types of hurricane protective shutter styles that can best be adapted to fit and protect any window and door opening.  All the styles we offer provide versitality and above all else protection for New Jersey homeowners and contractors seeking to maximize protection for their home and home builds. Explore our selection of styles below and contact our hurricane shutter team with questions or estimate requests.

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Our Hurricane Shutters

Magnum® – Mini Overhead Door Roll Shutter

Alutech’s Magnum roll shutter doubles as a mini overhead door for security and hurricane shutter for storm protection. The magnum roll shutter is ideal for larger residential window and door openings as well as for many commercial security and storm protection applications. With a one-of-a-kind end retention system it eliminates the need for window storm bars and provides the smoothest and quietest hurricane shutter operation.

hurricane roll shutter mini overhead door new jerseyProduct Summary

  • Patented roll shutter system
  • Efficient roller diameter, minimizing housing size
  • 57mm extruded aluminum slat
  • Stainless steel end retention bolts
  • Approved for wooden and block/concrete structures too
  • Meets or exceeds build codes
  • Maximum width: 18ft
  • Maxmium height: 19ft
  • Thickness: 7mm
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Barracuda® – Roll Shutters

Alutech’s Barracuda roll shutter style hurricane shutters give homeowners and contractors New Jersey code compliant hurricane protection. The Barracude roll shutters are designed for coverage and protection of many popular window sizes and eleminates the need for window storm bars. These hurricane shutters are ideal solutions for New Jersey beach homes because they exceed the standards of both international and domestic building codes

roll shutter hurricane shutter new jerseyProduct Summary

  • Patented roll shutter system
  • 42mm extruded aluminum salt
  • Stainless steel end retention bolts
  • Approved Building Codes – FBC/IRC/Dade/TDI
  • Approved for block/concrete and wooden structures
  • Minimized roller housing size
  • Maximum width: 189″
  • Maximum height: 159″
  • Thickness: 7/16″
  • See Product Details >>

Studio Star® – Custom Shaped Shutters

The Studio Star Hurricane Shutters provide protective coverage over any different window and door opening shapes. These custom shaped shutters are ideal for New Jersey home architecture styles that include triangular, arched, or any other unusually shaped window. These shutters are cut and fitted to any window’s exact protection coverage needs.

custom shaped hurricane shutter new jerseyProduct Summary

  • Custome shape hurricane shutter
  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum RCE-40 slate profile
  • All curved arch tops are machined for perfect fit
  • Powder coated paint finishes on all exterior components
  • Maximum width: 165″
  • Maximum height: 110″
  • Thickness: 7/16″
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Accordion Shutters

Alutech’s Accordion style hurricane shutters provide protection and coverage of windows, sliding glass doors and enclosed balconies. The Alutech accordion hurricane shutters can be fitted with curved or removable tracks for balconies to provide maximum floor space. The accordion shutters have meet and exceed building code regulations

accordion hurricane shutter new jerseyProduct Summary

  • Heavy duty shutters built to withstand hurricane force winds
  • Extruded aluminum and stainless steel parts
  • Encloses balconies with one single shutter for better protection
  • Can lock from inside or outside for increased security
  • Two-blade accordion system for extra versatility
  • More coverage per blad
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Bahama Shutters

The popularity in Bahama Shutters is growing, quickly becoming one of the favorite styles for protective hurricane shutters.  Our bahama style shutters, crafted by Fortified Shutters, combine favorable exterior decor with strength, durability and protection.  On top of protection from major storms, including hurricanes, bahama shutters provide protection and shading from the sun, as well as added privacy 

bahama hurricane shutter new jerseyProduct Summary

  • Fortified Shutters builds 4 bahama style shutter lines:
  • StormSecure Impact® series
  • FullView Impact® series
  • StormSecure Decor® series
  • Louverlite Decorative® series
  • All 4 shutter lines meet or exceed high velocity hurricane zone building codes
  • Interior or Exterior sliding pinlatch option
  • Various color options to match architectural style and decor
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