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Bahama Shutters

Bahama Hurricane Shutters

Bahama Shutters are quickly becoming one of America's favorite styles of hurricane shutters. Our Bahama style shutters, crafted by Fortified Shutters, combine favorable exterior decor with strength, durability and protection.
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Bahama Hurricane Shutters

Bahama-style hurricane shutters are gaining popularity in the state of New Jersey during hurricane season. In addition to their numerous safety benefits, Bahama hurricane shutters offer added privacy to any residence or workspace in NJ. Bahama-style hurricane shutters are aesthetically pleasing, durable and provide protection from the sun and the other elements.

Product Summary & Features

  • Fortified Shutters builds 4 bahama style shutter lines:
  • StormSecure Impact® series
  • FullView Impact® series
  • StormSecure Decor® series
  • Louverlite Decorative® series
  • All 4 shutter lines meet or exceed high velocity hurricane zone building codes
  • Interior or Exterior sliding pinlatch option
  • Various color options to match architectural style and decor

For over 20 years, Liberty Door and Awning has been the largest Clopay® Garage Door Dealer in New Jersey. If you choose hurricane shutters from us, you can rest assured that you are selecting the safest storm protection products in the industry.

What sets our Bahama-style shutters apart from other storm barriers on the East Coast is their versatility, longevity and appealing look. Additional Bahama-style hurricane shutter features include:

  • Various color options to match architectural style and decor
  • Four shutter lines that meet or exceed hurricane zone building codes
  • Provide optimal control for privacy, ventilation and light preferences
  • Offer added security to your home or business
  • Easy to install and repair
  • Add to the charm and architectural design of any building


If you take a drive around any neighborhood in New Jersey, you’ll notice the prevalence of Bahama-style hurricane shutters on residences and commercial buildings alike. When searching for appropriate storm shutters for your home or workspace, it’s essential to find an insured and reputable service provider.

Since 1988, Liberty Door and Awning has carried maximum insurance and has been a member of New Jersey’s Better Business Bureau. Our shutters comply with several building codes, including the Florida Building Code (FBC) and the International Building code (IRC).

Our Bahama-style hurricane shutters have been engineered to meet and exceed the most demanding wind codes in the country.


Q: What is a Bahama shutter?

A: You can mount Bahama-style hurricane shutters on the exterior of a NJ home, business or other commercial building at a 45-degree angle. Because Bahama-style shutters come in one piece and are hinged on top, you can quickly pull them over any opening in the event of a storm. You have the option of leaving your windows open, partially open or closed for privacy.

Q: What are Bahama hurricane shutters made from?

A: You can construct Bahama-style hurricane shutters from aluminum, fiberglass, wood, Spanish cedar or mahogany.

Q: What are other benefits of Bahama shutters?

A: Instead of running down both sides, Bahama-style hurricane shutters only run along the top of windows or other openings. This feature allows them to open and close quickly in preparation for a storm or hurricane. Another benefit of Bahama-style shutters is their adjustability. You can set the shutters at any angle to maintain the air circulation in your residence or business area. If you live in an unusually warm area, this feature allows you to save money on utility bills and conserve energy while enjoying natural cooling. Our Bahama-style shutters also act as noise barriers and can be quickly shut in the case of unexpected rainstorms. Bahama-style shutters may protect your family in the case of flying glass, which is typical of tornados, hurricanes or high-velocity wind storms.

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