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Garage Door Maintenance

A garage door is the heaviest moving component of your home or commercial building. It requires proper maintenance to ensure it continues to function effectively. Garage doors are susceptible to unavoidable wear-and-tear since they are always in use. For you to keep your garage door in good working condition, it is only logical that you carry out a planned maintenance program.

Many homeowners prefer annual garage door maintenance for convenience purposes. However, you can schedule garage door maintenance service to be conducted quarterly, semi-annually or annually depending on how frequently you use your garage.

What Are The Benefits Of Garage Door Maintenance Service?

  • Increases Productivity: Ensuring your garage door is in top condition eliminates the possibility of malfunctions when operating the door. This increases productivity by eliminating delays in shipping and receiving orders.
  • Reduces Logistical Problems: Component failures can be costly to your business and cause logistical problems such as impeded workflow and distribution delays. One of the most practical ways of avoiding logistical problems is by implementing a garage maintenance routine.
  • Increases the Life Expectancy of the Garage Door: By introducing preventive maintenance routines, you can easily increase the life expectancy of your garage door. You’ll be able to notice any dents or damage to your door early on during the maintenance routine and make the necessary repairs before the damage affects the entire garage door system.
  • Optimizes Operational Efficiency: Having a good working garage door optimizes operational efficiency. You’ll be able to work faster and more efficiently.
  • Prevents Disruptions: A garage door that requires frequent repairs can cause unwarranted disruptions to your business operations. Routine maintenance increases efficiency and reliability. One viable way of avoiding disruptions is to implement a good maintenance plan.
  • Minimizes Emergency Repairs and the Need for Replacements: The need for emergency repairs may arise at any time and without notice. However, you can minimize the need for repairs by carrying out regular maintenance.
  • Improves Safety and Quality Conditions for All Users: A damaged door poses a real danger to you and your family. A damaged garage door is not only a security hazard but also a safety concern. It attracts unwanted guests and puts the safety of your valuables at risk.

Services Included In A Garage Door Tune-Up

It’s true that you can carry out some maintenance routines on your own, but most of the key services included in a preventive maintenance program for a garage door require the expertise of professional technicians. We at Liberty Door and Awning are fully equipped and capable of providing fast and reliable garage door maintenance services.

The following are some of the key services included in our annual garage door maintenance program.

  • Inspecting door seals, weather stripping, rollers, door springs, chains, cable, tracks and alignments among other components
  • Tightening all garage door hardware including hinges, couplings, track brackets, back hangs and drums among others
  • Replacing worn out and damaged parts
  • Adjusting door brakes and sensitivity levels
  • Realigning photo eyes, tracks, gears and sprockets
  • Lubricating all moving parts including hinges, rollers, release mechanisms, chain hoists and shaft bearing
  • Comprehensive examination of door controls, safety mechanisms and the door operator
  • Checking the power outlets for any disruptions
  • Verifying spring tension and correct balance

Repair And Replacement

Garage door maintenance service does not end with carrying out inspections only. It also involves performing minor repairs and replacements. At Liberty Door and Awning, we specialize in the repair and replacement of all types of garage doors, garage door hardware, garage door openers and all accessories.

We repair or replace the following items:

Garage door openers Hinges
Remote controllers Window Inserts
Keypads Cables
Torsion springs Chains
Extension Springs Seals
Hardware Door frames
Tracks Bottom rubber
Pulleys Weatherstripping

Why Choose Liberty Door And Awning?

Having a garage door maintenance plan can go a long way in increasing the life expectancy of your door, reducing emergency repair costs as a result. Although it might be time-consuming and costly at first, the benefits of implementing a preventive maintenance program exceed the few downsides.

If you’re looking for exceptional garage door maintenance service, then look no further than Liberty Door and Awning. Liberty Door and Awning is a company with a difference. We specialize in the installation, repair and maintenance of all types of garage doors, entry doors, windows, shutters and retractable awnings.

Our experience in the industry is unmatched as we are the largest Clopay garage door dealers with over 20 years of experience serving residents and businesses throughout New Jersey and beyond. Our work speaks for itself, and all our staff members are highly competent and ready to meet all your garage door needs. Visit our offices or give us a call at (732) 286-3667 and book a free, no-obligation estimate or schedule service today.