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For garage door spring inspection service in New Jersey, the only company you need is Liberty Door and Awning. When it comes to finding a garage door spring inspection company in New Jersey, you need a company you can trust. Whether you know it or not, you rely on the optimal functioning of your torsion or extension springs every day you use your garage door — and you don’t want to put the welfare and maintenance of those springs in the hands of a company that lacks the proper expertise to maintain them correctly.

Liberty Door and Awning has been doing garage door spring maintenance service in New Jersey for decades, so we are more than qualified to be the garage door spring maintenance company for your New Jersey home. With highly trained technicians working for a company that has been a member of the New Jersey Better Business Bureau since the 1980s, you can trust us with your springs.

What Are Garage Door Springs And Why Are They Important?

If you are the brain behind your garage door system and the garage door opener is the nervous system, the springs are the muscles. You can tell your arms and legs to do anything, but if you have a torn muscle, it won’t work. It’s the same idea with your garage door springs.

Your garage door may function with torsion springs above the door or extension springs to the side. When you send the command for the door to open or close, it’s the springs that do the work. These are powerful coils of potential energy that wind or unwind as needed to make moving a garage door weighing hundreds of pounds easy as it glides up or down along its tracks. If one or both of these springs is worn down or breaks, your garage door is in big trouble.

Why Do I Need Garage Door Spring Inspection?

If one of your garage door springs breaks, your garage door may still operate with the other one. However, if that second one is wearing out, it could suddenly snap and send your garage door flying down onto whatever is underneath it.

It’s not always possible to see with the naked eye what the condition of your garage door springs is — especially if you are not a professional trained in what to look for. Furthermore, any tampering with the garage door springs you do on your own could lead to great damage or injury. A qualified professional can identify the condition of your springs and advise you what changes to make, if necessary.

When Do I Need Garage Door Spring Inspection?

It’s a good idea to schedule garage door spring inspection as part of a regular annual or semi-annual garage door maintenance program. However, there are some signs to look out for that may suggest that one of your springs is broken and you should get someone to look at your door right away:

  • A loud, unexpected bang from your garage with no explanation
  • A door that stutters or sticks on its way up or down
  • A door that opens or closes much more slowly than usual
  • A cable that looks broken, frayed or off-kilter
  • Obvious visual evidence of a problem with your spring system

What Does A Garage Door Spring Inspection And Maintenance Service Consist Of?

When you contact Liberty Door and Awning to set up your garage door spring inspection and maintenance, our skilled technicians will come to your home and perform a series of steps with respect to your garage door, such as:

  • Full Visual Inspection: Our professionals will examine your torsion or extension spring system for signs of corrosion, rust, wear or to see if your springs are in need of adjustment or replacement.
  • Adjustment/Replacement: If your springs are in good condition but you aren’t getting the best performance, it’s possible some part of your spring apparatus may need tightening or adjusting. If some simple adjusting or tightening is needed, our technician will perform it. If one of your springs is broken down or worn down to the point where breakage is imminent, we will replace the spring. Unless you have recently replaced the other spring, we recommend replacing both springs at once to maximize the life and health of your door system.
  • Lubrication: For your garage door mechanism to work properly, you must lubricate the springs and all moving parts in the system. Our technician will do this after making any other necessary spring repairs.
  • Testing: Once the garage door is ready for action again, our technicians will open and close the door several times just to make sure everything is operating at optimal efficiency once more.

How Do I Order Spring Inspection And Maintenance Service In New Jersey?

Call Liberty Door and Awning at 732-286-3667 or contact us online today to schedule maintenance service. We can come down at your convenience and perform a full maintenance check, including inspecting and testing your torsion or extension springs. If you’ve never had your springs inspected before, or it’s been a while, or you have reason to suspect one of your springs is bad, please contact us right away.