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Garage Doors


Liberty Door and Awning is proud to be a Master Authorized Clopay Garage Door Dealer providing New Jersey with durable, and reliable garage doors.

Clopay has over 1,000 different design combinations in wood, steel, composite, wrought iron and glass. Please browse through our Clopay products to see how a Clopay Garage Door can enhance the beauty and value of your home.

Garage doors in new jersey

Is your garage door not working like it should and detracting from your home’s appearance? If so, it’s time to invest in a quality garage door from Clopay®. These garage doors come in many styles and designs that will increase your curb appeal. When you choose an expert garage door company in New Jersey like Liberty Door and Awning for your installation, your garage door will operate smoothly for years to come.


We offer attractive, high-quality garage doors to fit all your design preferences. We can also suggest garage doors to complement individual architectural styles. Your options are endless, and any door you choose is sure to catch the eye.

  • Traditional: Pull up to a classic garage door in the traditional style. These doors can range from sectional raised panel doors to the historically-inspired look of swing-out double doors. You can find a style you like at a price that fits your budget from among our traditional doors. For the raised-panel look, shop our economically-priced CLASSIC™ collection Value Plus Series. Or, upgrade to the CLASSIC™ Premium Series or the CLASSIC™ WOOD collection. Panel-style garage doors are some of the most versatile. If your house has a blend of architectural elements, a classic panel-style door can tie your home’s facade together effortlessly. Select from many design styles, including windows and types of panels, to achieve a look that fits your home.
  • Contemporary: Clean lines and an unadorned style characterize the models in our contemporary garage door collections. Choose a full-view glass and aluminum door from the AVANTE® collection, and customize frame color and window tinting to perfection. Or, put a fresh spin on the panel style. The MODERN STEEL™ collection features flush or grooved panels that give the door a geometric look. You can also create a modern design from our RESERVE® WOOD Collection CUSTOM series. With this collection, you can combine metal and handcrafted wood for a look that completes your home’s unique character.
  • Wood-Look: If you want the regal appearance of wood without the maintenance, select a garage door with Clopay’s Ultra-Grain® finish. The finish is available on the CANYON RIDGE® collection, the MODERN STEEL™ collection and the GALLERY® collection. You can also choose from three Ultra-Grain® finish colors: Dark, Medium and Walnut. For a premium wood-look design, select from the doors in the CANYON RIDGE® collection LIMITED EDITION series. These doors use a polymer composite cladding molded from real wood to replicate the natural grain patterns of different wood species. They come in the textures of Clear Cypress, Mahogany and Pecky Cypress. You can also select from five finishes: Walnut, Dark, Medium, Whitewash and Primed.
  • Carriage House: While garages usually house cars these days, carriage house garage doors look like they might reveal a horse-drawn buggy at any moment. If you want an old-fashioned style, carriage house doors look like handcrafted swing-out doors without sacrificing the convenience of overhead operation. Our CANYON RIDGE® collections offer a wood-look design, and our RESERVE® WOOD collections feature genuine handcrafted wood doors. Carriage house doors pair well with Victorian, Craftsman and Tudor Revival architectural styles. They can also look fantastic on some Colonial and Ranch-style homes.
  • Colonial: Colonial style is popular for New Jersey homes, and finding a garage door that fits this classic architecture can tie your home together. Known for their symmetrical, rectangular facades, Colonial-style homes look beautiful with simple, traditional-looking garage doors. The raised-panel style doors in the CLASSIC™ collection are a popular choice. You can achieve a vintage look with the simplified carriage house designs of the COACHMAN® collection and the GALLERY® collection. Any style you choose is sure to make your home look renewed.
  • Craftsman: Craftsman-style homes, or bungalows, became popular in the 1900s. There’s no “right” way to dress up a Craftsman home, and any garage door you choose will stand out and boost your curb appeal. With pitched triangular gable roofs, pillars lining the entries and covered front porches, Craftsman-style homes are perfectly equipped to show off carriage house overhead doors. Natural wood, windows and doors painted to complement your exterior are elements that work well on bungalows.


Once you select a style of door you like, you can customize it to your preferences. When you’re buying a garage door, pay attention to the materials, insulation and design options so you can create your one-of-a-kind door that fits your needs.


There are three primary styles of garage door: panel, carriage-house and modern. Some styles go with particular architectural styles. Still, the main factor to consider when choosing a style is what appeals most to you. If you want a completely unique style, consider a custom wood garage door.


Manufacturers use many materials to make garage doors, and each has unique features. Consider your design, durability and maintenance needs as you choose your material.

  • Steel: Steel is a versatile material that can come insulated or non-insulated and molded into many styles. It’s highly durable and easy to maintain.
  • Composite: Composite is a polymer overlay added to some steel doors. It provides a natural woodgrain texture to enhance the doors’ appeal.
  • Wood: Wood gives your home character and natural textures. Genuine wood doors from Clopay are handcrafted and sustainably sourced. They offer semi-custom and fully-custom options and can even be insulated.
  • Aluminum and glass: An aluminum frame with a glass panel offers a modern look. These are “full-view” garage doors because they show off your car in its entirety. They also let in plenty of natural light during the day. Aluminum is sturdy and rust-resistant, and the glass can be frosted, tinted or given another treatment to maintain privacy.


Insulation offers your garage increased comfort and helps you save on energy costs by insulating your home. It can also increase the durability of your garage door and allow it to operate more quietly. If you want to incorporate insulation into your garage door, you have two options.

  • Intellicore®: An exclusive Clopay material, Intellicore® insulation is a spray foam that fills all the nooks and crannies of your garage door. It offers incredible insulating capabilities, maintaining warmer temperatures in your garage, even in the bitter cold.
  • Polystyrene: While not quite as energy-efficient as Intellicore®, polystyrene offers better insulation over a non-insulated garage door. The material comes in sheets sandwiched between the layers of your garage door. It’s an affordable way to moderately increase the insulation of your garage door.

garage door design options


The design options available in every model of garage door is what truly make your overhead door yours. With over 1,000 different design combinations possible across all Clopay collections, you can mix and match until you get every detail right. There are three design elements you’ll want to consider.

  • Windows: Between full-view glass, delicate patterns and decorative inserts, numerous window designs are available for your garage door. You can find a rectangular geometric pattern for a modern garage door or symmetrical arches for a carriage house door. No matter your choice, adding windows lets in natural light and illuminates your garage.
  • Finish: Many factory finishes are available across all our garage door models. You can choose solid paint colors or an Ultra-Grain® finish. With the Clopay Color Blast® system, you can select a bold hue or coordinate your doors to your existing siding, entry door or shutters.
  • Hardware: Decorative hardware is what truly makes a carriage house-style door. Handles, side hinges and door knockers all give these overhead doors the appearance of antique barn doors. You can customize this hardware to have Fleur de Lis, Spear, Spade or Colonial-style handles and hinges.


If you’re shopping for overhead doors, trust Liberty Door & Awning, the largest Clopay garage door dealer in New Jersey. We specialize in installation and service for garage doors and garage door openers, and we’re happy to help you choose a door you’ll love. We want to help make your home feel special again, and a high-quality garage door from Liberty Door and Awning is the way to do it.

When you’ve found a style you like, contact Liberty Door and Awning to request an estimate, place your order and get expert installation service.