New Jersey Automatic Hurricane Shutters and Installation

Manual hurricane shutters installed on all homes and commercial properties provide an essential layer of protection against high winds and driving rain to buildings in New Jersey. This state’s weather is notoriously unpredictable, especially during hurricane season, so it helps to have an automatic hurricane shutter system that deploys quickly. Motorized rolling hurricane shutters take things to the next level. With the flick of a switch, you can activate the shields around your home or business to defend against incoming inclement conditions.

Automatic Shutters to Protect Your NJ Property

Wherever there is a vulnerable place on the exterior of your building, Liberty Door and Awning can fit hurricane shutters to stabilize and protect the area. Automatic shutters give you the freedom to secure your home quickly without heavy lifting. They only need to be rolled down and secured to protect buildings from storms. Likewise, once the weather has passed, automatic roll-down hurricane shutters can be rolled up neatly without using up storage space. 

Automatic hurricane shutters for windows can also protect your home against theft, which is especially useful for holiday homes along the NJ coast. Once fitted, automatic shutter systems only require periodic maintenance, and your home or business has an ever-ready shell of protection for areas including: 

  • Windows: Liberty Door and Awning creates custom-shaped automatic shutters to protect windows of every shape and size. 
  • Balconies: Accordion-style automatic shutters on tracks are ideal for quickly securing large areas. 
  • Entryways: Overhead roll shutters fit neatly above entryways and can quickly be extended and secured when necessary. 
  • Wide openings: Larger automatic roll-down systems from Liberty Door and Awning are available to secure larger doorways, glass sliding doors and wide entryways. 

Automatic Shutter Styles

Knowing which automatic or motorized hurricane shutters to choose may require some expertise. Our friendly team at Liberty Door and Awning will help you cut through the technical jargon so you can select a shutter system that meets your budget and fits the requirements of the buildings you need to secure. Popular NJ automatic hurricane shutter styles that are available include: 

  • Overhead door shutters: Automatic roll-down hurricane shutters include Barracuda roll shutters that provide optimal protection for smaller openings and windows. Magnum roll shutters are ideal for protecting against hurricanes and amping up security over large windows and door openings. 
  • Double-walled shutters: These shutters are a good option in settings where thermal insulation is required. They minimize energy loss, keeping the building’s environment more consistent. 

Contact Liberty Door and Awning Today for Premium Hurricane Shutters and Installation Services

Liberty Door and Awing are the leaders in providing automatic or motorized hurricane shutters in New Jersey. Give us a call or visit a showroom and see for yourself what sets our service apart. Our comprehensive range of services includes installation, maintenance and repairs to all types of hurricane shutters. Contact us to do an assessment of your current storm shutters or request an estimate for a new automatic system that fits your property today!