Traditional Garage Doors For New Jersey Homes

Traditional garage doors provide any home with a classical and beautiful look and pair well many of the popular home styles here in New Jersey.

Traditional Garage Doors

Sometimes, a home will take on a unique form of its own, as it will eschew one popular style in favor of different qualities.

When we encounter these wonderfully weird, eclectic houses, they’re typically, yet strangely, considered “traditional” for categorization’s sake. Whatever influences your property draws from, Liberty Door and Awning will create a custom garage door to fit its aesthetic.

Our staff, which features consummate professionals from top to bottom, will put in all of the necessary work to give you the solutions that you desire. As the largest Clopay® dealer in all of New Jersey, we work in a business that has high prices and high importance, so we will create a traditional garage door that meets every possible standard for top-tier quality and performance.

What Is A Traditional Style Garage Door?

You can consider traditional garage doors our most versatile product. These are generally our “do-it-all” answer for homes that don’t have a neatly defined identity. If you have design elements that combine parts of American classics — like Cape Cod, Colonial, Victorian, Ranch, etc. — or even European stalwarts, such as French country, Spanish, Mediterranean or Tudor, we meld one of our Clopay lines to match your style flawlessly.

Our versatile doors can also suit homes that utilize modified or modern interpretations of a common historical style. Typical Clopay products associated with traditional styles include:

Depending on what you choose, you’ll find many advantages with our traditional garage doors.