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Barracuda Roll Shutters

Barracuda Roll Shutters

Alutech’s Barracuda roll hurricane shutters give homeowners and contractors in New Jersey code-compliant hurricane protection. Barracuda roll shutters are designed for coverage and protection of many window sizes and eliminate the need for window storm bars.

These hurricane shutters are ideal solutions for New Jersey beach homes because they exceed the standards of both international and domestic building codes
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Barracuda® roll shutters provide you with hurricane protection for smaller housings. For over two decades, Liberty Door and Awning has provided customers with top-quality, durable roll shutters for commercial and residential purposes. Due to the end retention system built into our Barracuda overhead roll shutters, there’s no need for storm bars for optimal safety.

Barracuda Roller Shutters for Home and Business Hurricane Protection

Baracuda hurricane roll shutters exceed standards for both international and domestic building codes. Hurricane shutters provide the highest level of protection against all types of weather conditions.

Product Summary & Features

  • Patented roll shutter system
  • 42mm extruded aluminum salt
  • Stainless steel end retention bolts
  • Approved Building Codes – FBC/IRC/Dade/TDI
  • Approved for block/concrete and wooden structures
  • Minimized roller housing size
  • Maximum width: 189″
  • Maximum height: 159″
  • Thickness: 7/16″

These products comply with relevant building codes, homeowners’ association criteria and product performance standards. We carry maximum insurance and have been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 1988. You can trust us to service or install long-lasting roll shutters over doors, windows or other openings.

Our Baracuda roll shutters have several unique features, including:

  • End retention system: Eliminates the need for storm bars
  • Efficient roll diameter: Minimizes housing size
  • Patented roll shutter system
  • 42 mm extruded aluminum slats
  • Stainless steel and retention bolts
  • New slat appearance
  • Building Code Approved: Comply with FBC, IRC, Dade and TDI
  • Approved for block and concrete construction
  • Approved for wooden structures


Our Barracuda roll shutters provide optimal storm protection for smaller windows and doors, including those associated with pool bars, back porches and multiple-story homes.

Because Barracuda overhead hurricane roll shutters are designed for smaller housings, their dimensions are small as well. These roll shutters have a maximum height of 159 inches and a minimum axle roll diameter of 50 mm. The maximum width of Baracuda roll shutters is 186 inches. The weight per square inch is 1.64 pounds.

Baracuda hurricane overhead roll shutters are used to secure the following in NJ and beyond:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Garage doors
  • Lanai/balconies
  • Storefronts/kiosks
  • Wide openings


Q: What is a hurricane roll shutter?

A: A hurricane roll shutter is a roll-down type of shutter meant to provide protection against torrential rains and hurricane-force winds. A hurricane roll shutter is installed in a box above the opening of a window or door and lowered into place manually or by an electric motor. Hurricane roll shutters prevent windows from being broken by flying objects during a storm. All of our shutters have been tested to comply with numerous building codes, including the Florida Building Code (FBC) and the International Building Code (IBC).

Q: Is this Barracuda shutter approved under New Jersey building code?

A: Yes. Several of our models fall under the “hurricane shutters” category in New Jersey’s building code. Please visit our Applications section for more information.

Q: What is the difference between the Barracuda roll shutter and Magnum roll shutter?

A: Baracuda and Magnum roll shutters differ by design and style only. Barracuda hurricane roll shutters are designed for smaller housings.

Q: What colors does the Barracuda roll shutter come in?

A: Barracuda hurricane overhead roll shutters come in various colors, including white, black, cream/ivory, brown, light beige, gray and silver. We also offer customized color options upon request.

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