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Magnum Roll Shutters

Magnum Roll Shutters

Alutech’s Magnum roll shutter doubles as a mini overhead door for security and hurricane shutter for storm protection. The magnum roll shutter is ideal for larger residential window and door openings as well as for many commercial security and storm protection applications.
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As one of the largest Clopay® Garage Door Dealers in New Jersey for over 20 years, we can offer you the best mini overhead door roll shutters for your home or company. We provide both residential and commercial services and can install and service Magnum® hurricane roll shutters throughout New Jersey. Our Magnum mini overhead door roll shutters act as both hurricane shutters and mini overhead doors for security purposes.

Magnum mini overhead doorsMagnum Mini Overhead Door and Hurricane Shutter

Magnum hurricane roll shutters surpass both domestic and international building codes. A built-in “end retention system” eliminates the need for storm bars, thus allowing for quiet, smooth use. Magnum roll shutters come in smaller housing sizes — an added feature that does not compromise their storm protection capabilities.

Product Summary & Features

  • Patented roll shutter system
  • Efficient roller diameter, minimizing housing size
  • 57mm extruded aluminum slat
  • Stainless steel end retention bolts
  • Approved for wooden and block/concrete structures too
  • Meets or exceeds build codes
  • Maximum width: 18ft
  • Maximum height: 19ft
  • Thickness: 7mm

Magnum overhead hurricane roll shutters have several unique features that separate them from other shutter types:

  • End retention system
  • Efficient roll diameter
  • Patented roll shutter system
  • 57 mm extruded aluminum slat
  • Stainless steel and retention bolts
  • New slat appearance
  • Building code approved
  • Approved for block and concrete construction
  • Approved for wooden structures
  • Perforation and hole punch option
  • Slimline and commercial lock option

Our Magnum overhead hurricane roll shutters in NJ cover a variety of buildings and surfaces for maximum storm protection. Magnum shutters can cover doors, garage doors, windows, lanais, balconies, storefronts and kiosks.

Although Magnum products are a popular choice for homeowners, our storm-proof screens have various commercial uses as well. Recent clients have requested Magnum hurricane roll shutters for the following commercial purposes:

  • Storefront shutters
  • Cabin security window shutters
  • Tiki bar hurricane protection shutters
  • Outdoor storage shutters
  • Restaurant security shutters
  • Box office security shutters
  • Convenience store shutters
  • Pool bar shutters

Magnum roll shutters come in various weights and sizes. The weight per square foot is 1.3 pounds, while the maximum width covered is 18 feet. Our mini overhead roll shutters reach a maximum height of 19 feet.

Three styles of slat are available for Magnum hurricane roll shutters: solid, house logo perforation or a four-inch oblong hole punch commercial look. You also have the option to mix and match the patterns.

Q: What is an overhead roll shutter?

A: An overhead roll shutter is a specific type of door or window shutter consisting of several horizontal slats hinged together. These overhead shutters can be used on windows, doors or garage doors to protect against torrential rains and hurricane-force winds. Depending on the size of the surface, overhead roll shutters can be motorized or hand-adjusted.

Q: Are Magnum shutters approved under New Jersey building code?

A: Yes. All of our models fall under the “hurricane shutters” category under New Jersey’s building code.

Q: What colors can I choose from?

A: We offer a variety of colors — white, black, cream/ivory, light beige, brown, gray and silver. We also offer customized color options upon request.

Q: How many Magnum shutters can I operate with one switch?

A: Special switches can run up to two shutters. However, Somfy’s RTS or IGC technology can operate an unlimited number of shutters with just one switch. Our customization options allow you to control individual motors or groups of motors from multiple locations. You can incorporate RTS or IGC technology into most automation and Z-wave systems.

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