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The garage is a very important part of the home. It provides storage space for your vehicle and keeps all your tools and equipment safe. You can also store your old household items and other valuables, especially if it has a burglar-proof door.

Nonetheless, the garage door springs may wear out from time to time, depending on your usage. These springs are the forces behind the operations of the door. Without proper maintenance of the door springs, the garage door won’t provide the necessary security and reliability. A garage door spring repair service is the only viable solution to ensuring the springs work optimally.

Types of Garage Door Springs

Knowing the type of spring system your garage door runs on is the first step to finding a reliable broken garage door spring replacement service. The two types of garage door spring systems include torsion springs and extension springs.

Torsion springs can be found above the door opening with springs inserted onto a bar, while extension springs run vertically alongside the opening of the door. You should ensure your repair technician has enough experience in handling all spring systems to avoid any setbacks.

When Is The Right Time To Call A Garage Door Spring Repair Service?

Your garage door springs can last for more than 20 years if well maintained. This duration also depends on the type and make of the springs. Nevertheless, the door springs often require replacement to ensure the smooth operation of the garage door. Many homeowners and commercial building owners tend to have trouble determining the right time to call a garage door spring replacement service.

Here are a few signs that suggest your garage door springs require replacement:

  • Physical damage
  • Door doesn’t open fully
  • Improper alignment of the garage door
  • Garage door falls when closing
  • Creaking and squealing sounds

Physical Damage

Physical damage is among the first signs that your door springs require replacement. A physically damaged door spring is easy to repair since the extent of damage is always visible from the onset. It’s also possible to prevent the damage from affecting the whole garage door system. This reduces the cost of repair and maintenance.

The main causes of physical damage to the door springs are extensive rust and disconnected cables. Accessing a garage that has a broken garage door spring is dangerous, and you should contact a repair service immediately if you notice any damage to the door.

Door Doesn’T Open Fully

If your garage door doesn’t open beyond six inches, then you should contact a repair service immediately. All modern garage doors have this particular automatic safety feature that’s often triggered by broken springs.

Improper Alignment Of The Garage Door

Aging and poor maintenance of the door springs may cause them to break, leading to an improper alignment of the garage door. Installing low-quality springs may also force the door to come off its tracks, leading to severe damage. If you notice any uneven movement when opening or closing the garage door, then it’s high time you call a broken garage door spring repair service.

Garage Door Falls When Closing

The garage door springs facilitate the smooth closing of heavy garage doors. Closing should be gentle and smooth. However, if the door falls when closing, there must be a problem with the door springs.

Creaking And Squealing Sounds Or A Loud Bang

The onset of creaking, grinding and squealing sounds when opening or closing a garage door is a massive sign that your garage door springs require replacements. These noises come about when the springs lose elasticity due to aging. A loud bang coming from the garage door with no apparent cause is also a sign that the springs require repair or replacement.

Invest In Preventive Maintenance Measures

The best way to get the most out of your garage door springs is to implement preventive maintenance measures. Always hire competent technicians to assess the condition of your garage door springs.

We at Liberty Door and Awning have vast experience in inspecting, installing, maintaining, repairing and replacing all types of garage door spring systems. With over 20 years of experience serving residents of New Jersey and beyond, you can rest assured that our technicians will provide you with an exceptional garage door spring repair service experience.

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