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Garage door weather stripping refers to seals found around the edges of the garage door. The role of these vinyl rubber seals is to protect the garage door from the effects of harsh weather. It keeps cold air and moisture from creeping into the garage through the cracks on the garage door. Additionally, garage door weather seals prevent insects and critters from entering your garage.

Designed to be durable, weather stripping seals can withstand any weather. However, after years of exposure to extreme heat from the sun and freezing conditions during winter, it’s inevitable that the weather seals will wear out. Considering the importance of these components, it’s imperative that you look for a reputable garage door weather stripping repair service as soon as you notice the first signs of wear.

What Are The Signs Of Weather Stripping Wear?

The primary function of weather stripping is to prevent moisture from getting inside the garage and to keep the cold weather at bay. If the cold weather starts to get the better of you while you’re inside your garage, that’s a clear sign you need to replace your weather stripping.

Cracks or holes in the bottom rubber are clear signs that you need to call a professional for garage door weather stripping replacement services. If left unattended, the seals may begin to fall apart and allow all sorts of elements into your garage. Lack of weather stripping may also expose your valuables to pest and insect attacks.

Types Of Weather Stripping Seals

Weatherstripping comes in different varieties, and each type of seal is used for different applications. The most common weatherstripping seals include:

  • Vinyl door stop
  • Bottom seal
  • Threshold seal
  • Brush seal
  • Reverse angle mount seal

Benefits Of Weather Stripping For Your Garage Door

There’s no doubt that using weather seals on your garage door has some great benefits. Weather stripping will not only increase the life expectancy of your garage door, but it also saves you a lot of money on your energy bills.

Here are the benefits of weatherproofing your garage door:

  • Protection: Weather stripping not only protects the garage door from the effects of harsh weather, but it also shields your stored items from harsh elements. The seals also act as a cushion against shock and damage that may occur when closing the garage door. These seals keep the door in good condition, reducing the possibility of frequent repairs.
  • Insulation: Weather stripping reduces the risk of lost energy, especially during winter. You don’t have to use your heater while in the garage if the weather seals are intact. Furthermore, a reduction in lost energy will cut your energy costs significantly.
  • Barrier: Weather seals act as a barrier between the body of the garage door and the structural frames. The barrier prevents moisture, dust, insects and pests from gaining access to your garage.

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