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What’s the name of the annual garage door tune-up company in New Jersey that you rely on for your home’s garage door? If your answer is that you don’t have one, please read on to learn why annual garage door maintenance service for New Jersey homes is so important and how Liberty Door and Awning can help you make sure your garage door keeps operating at optimal capacity day after day.

Why Is Garage Door Maintenance So Important?

Your garage door is part of a complex system that allows you to easily get into and out of your garage every day. There are torsion springs that absorb the stress of a door weighing hundreds of pounds, allowing your garage door opener to easily pull the door up into the top of your garage using a system of cables, rollers, tracks and a garage door operator drive system.

All of these components are mechanical parts, and all mechanical parts eventually wear out. Wear is an inevitable consequence of any mechanical process and it’s one you have to be prepared for. However, even though failure is inevitable, you can make sure it doesn’t happen prematurely. In fact, you can put it off for a very, very long time. That’s what garage door maintenance service with a New Jersey garage door professional is all about.

How Does Annual Garage Door Maintenance Work?

First, you need to find a garage door maintenance company for New Jersey homes. Liberty Door and Awning is proud to be the annual garage door maintenance company in New Jersey for many homes in the area. We have been a trusted name in garage door maintenance and repair for nearly 50 years and we know just how to inspect and maintain your door to give you a chance at its maximum lifespan.

When you call Liberty Door and Awning to schedule annual garage door maintenance, we’ll send our professional garage door technicians to your home promptly at the scheduled time to begin an inspection. Our technicians will do a full visual inspection of your garage door and all the components of your garage door system, finding any minor issues like frayed cables, torn weatherstripping, rust, loose bolts or debris in the roller tracks. Our technician can usually ratchet up these minor problems right away, tightening screws, replacing weatherstripping and cleaning out all dirt and debris from your tracks and rollers as part of the maintenance procedure.

Cleaning the tracks is very important, as dirty tracks could damage your rollers or cause them to jump their rails, leaving you with an inoperative garage door.

Another important step is lubrication. In the likely event that the moving parts of your garage door system are not properly lubricated, our professional will make sure to lubricate all moving parts to ward off corrosion and breakage and to make sure your door goes up and down smoothly and quietly when you activate your garage door opener.

Your maintenance professional will then check the balance and alignment of the door. If your door is out of alignment or balance, it may not fully close or open, or may close or open too quickly. You may not notice these things on a day-to-day basis, but they can result in damage to your door, your pavement, or even people or things going into or out of the garage if the door slams down unexpectedly. If your door is out of balance or alignment, we will correct it.

Once the entire procedure is complete, our technicians will run through the whole process with you so you will understand everything we did and why. Moving forward, we can offer you tips for doing some regular maintenance on the door yourself, to keep it in great shape between annual or semi-annual maintenance checks.

When Should You Do Annual Maintenance On Your Garage Door?

Obviously, you should opt for garage door maintenance at least once a year, but twice a year or once at the start of every season is even better. The more maintenance you do on your garage door over the course of the year, the lower your likelihood of a costly emergency repair and the longer your garage door is likely to last.

There’s no specific “right time” to do your annual maintenance, although once you pick a date, you should do it at roughly the same time every year. Ideal times are often at the end of Spring or the end of Fall, before temperatures start to get into extremes of hot or cold, since you don’t want to be dealing with a broken garage door in the dead of a snowy winter or the stifling humidity of a heat wave.

How Do You Get Started With Annual Garage Door Maintenance In New Jersey?

That part is easy. All you have to do is contact Liberty Door and Awning to schedule maintenance service. Tell us a little bit about your garage door and your home and we can provide a free estimate on your service before we start. You can also call us at 732-286-3667 to discuss a maintenance plan. There’s always a live human here during business hours ready to take your call.

When it comes to making sure your garage door stays in top working condition, there’s no time to waste. Call us or contact us online now.