Our Signet fiberglass entry doors have taken fiberglass entry systems to the next level. The embossed woodgrain is an astonishingly accurate representation of real wood.

Signet fiberglass doors are available in Cherry, Mahogany, Oak, Fir and Knotty Alder Series, with 7 stain finishes per Series. Utilizing our exclusive DuraFuse™ Finishing System featuring P3 Fusion, ProVia’s finish warranty is the best in the industry.

Structurally, the Signet fiberglass door is far superior to traditional fiberglass doors. The hinge and strike stiles are a robust 25⁄8″ and 41⁄4″ respectively, and are dovetailed to the top and bottom rails forming an integrated frame, ensuring unmatched strength and durability.

Custom Widths & Increased Height Up to 8 Feet

Need a little more height or a little less width? We are pleased to offer customized door and sidelite widths and heights in 1⁄8″ increments.

Simulated Divided Lites for Fiberglass Doors

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) on our Signet fiberglass entry doors are reminiscent of old world craftsmanship when separate pieces of glass were mulled together with wooden grids. We deliver that same stunning appearance through our high-tech stained fiberglass 1″ wide x 11⁄32″ thick grids combined with the energy efficient qualities of our ComforTech glass packages.

Signet Fiberglass Entry Doors Styles

Signet Fiberglass Entry Door Advantages


Stiles and rails are dovetailed and glued at each corner creating a structurally solid, integrated frame.

The 2 5⁄8″ finger-jointed 3-ply hardwood hinge stile provides superior structural integrity.

ProVia doors are foam filled by a computer driven process that ensures the optimal foam fill for maximum efficiency and strength.

The 4¼” finger-jointed 4-ply hardwood strike stile provides a solid mounting surface for decorative hardware and superior structural integrity.

The authentic wood look is made possible by using cutting-edge nickel vapor deposition technology.

Scientifically formulated compounds provide superior resistance to denting, splitting, cracking and warping.

High-definition panel profile creates excellent shadow lines and distinct panel designs.

The revolutionary DuraFuse™ Finishing System featuring P3 Fusionyields unprecedented finish durability.

Door edge is constructed with cherry, mahogany, oak or fir wood matching the selected series.

Signet fiberglass entry systems come standard with an anodized bronze threshold with a complementary riser.

Plugless Window Trim is standard on Signet (N/A Fir Series)

The inside door frame is hand-stained or painted to match your door providing you with a consistent visual appearance. (Signet doors are also available with a Steel L-frame.)

A high-performance, composite material is utilized on all Signet fiberglass bottom rails, giving excellent rot-resistance.