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For a high-quality local garage door service company in New Jersey, contact Liberty Door and Awning. Since 1968, Liberty Door and Awning has been providing high-quality garage door products and services throughout the state of New Jersey and we can do the same for you. Whether you’re in need of a brand-new garage door, garage door replacement or repair of a broken garage door or door parts, Liberty Door and Awning is the company to call.

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    Garage Door Services Offered

    Whatever your garage door service needs, we have the staff and tools to do the job. Our full range of garage door services includes:

    Garage Door Repair Service

    Your garage door may need repair service for any number of reasons. Sometimes torsion springs wear out or even break, making it difficult or impossible to open the door. A cable may become frayed or broken, affecting the balance of the door. Debris may get caught in the rollers. Your garage door opener motor may be faulty.

    Whatever the issue, our highly trained professionals will identify the problem and fix it fast. We handle issues such as:

    • Garage Door Stuck Open: If your garage door is stuck all the way open or halfway open, it can create a big safety and security issue. Potential intruders have an easier time getting access to your home and the door can become unstuck suddenly and come crashing down on people or property. We can safely determine the problem and resolve it so no one and nothing gets hurt.
    • Garage Door Stuck Closed: If your garage door won’t open, it’s incredibly inconvenient — especially if your car is stuck inside. We’ll show up as soon as possible to set that door right and get you out.
    • Garage Door Crooked or Goes Up or Down too Fast: This is a balance issue and can also be quite dangerous. Fortunately, these problems are usually easily solved with the right equipment in the hands of a professional.
    • Worn-Out Parts: We have torsion springs, cables and whatever other replacement parts you may need to get your door back in tip-top shape.

    Garage Door Maintenance Service

    The hard truth is that your garage door system is a complex mechanism with multiple moving parts, and all mechanical parts wear out eventually. There are also issues that can build up in your garage door system that you may not notice until they cause a big problem. You can avoid all of this if you schedule regular garage door maintenance service with Liberty Door and Awning.

    We can inspect your garage door for worn-out springs or other parts and replace them before they break and become a serious problem. We can make sure your rollers are fully lubricated and that your tracks are clear of debris for smooth operation of your garage door.

    A little maintenance now can save you from a costly repair bill somewhere down the line.

    Garage Door Installation Service

    Liberty Door and Awning has a complete line of incredible residential garage doors available. We are the largest Clopay® dealer around, so whether you need a carriage house-styletraditionalcontemporarycolonialcraftsman, or wood-look garage door we have it in stock and can customize it to your specifications.

    Once you choose your door, our experienced experts can come down and install it in a matter of hours. While you’re considering your new garage door, you’ll also want to take a look at our line of Clopay entry doors. These fiberglass or steel doors make a perfect complement to a beautiful Clopay garage door, creating a cohesive look and feel for your home that will boost curb appeal and can even inflate your property’s value.

    We can also offer sale and installation of hurricane shutters, security shutters, storm panels, storm doors, commercial sectional garage doors and more. If you need any kind of door for your home or business, just ask us!

    Liberty Door And Awning: Your Garage Door Opener Service Company In New Jersey

    Liberty Door and Awning is also your best local garage door opener service company in New Jersey. The truth is, if you’re getting a great garage door, you deserve a great garage door opener to go with it. If you’re using a subpar garage door opener or opening and closing your garage door manually, we’re ready to step in and help.

    We can replace your old garage door opener with a dependable LiftMaster® garage door opener that allows for smooth, quiet operation of your door every time you open and close it. If noise is a big issue, we can replace your chain drive garage door opener with a quieter belt drive opener. If you know there’s a problem with your garage door opener but can’t identify it, our experts will figure out the problem quickly and fix it so you can open and close your garage freely again.

    Our technicians know all major brands of garage door opener inside and out, so call us for any garage door opener issue you may have. We are a full-service local garage door opener sales and service company in New Jersey and we are ready to serve you.

    New Jersey’s Best Local Garage Door Company

    As a member of the New Jersey Better Business Bureau since 1988, Liberty Door and Awning is the local garage door sales and service company in New Jersey to rely on for all of your garage door needs, from installing hurricane shutters to putting in garage door screens, repairing garage door openers and more. We’ve got years of experience and countless satisfied customers to back us up. For a free estimate on your garage door project, contact us today.