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Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Alutech’s Accordion style hurricane shutters provide protection and coverage of windows, sliding glass doors and enclosed balconies. The Alutech accordion hurricane shutters can be fitted with curved or removable tracks for balconies to provide maximum floor space.
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Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Liberty Door and Awning is a proud dealer of Alutech accordion-style hurricane shutters in New Jersey. Accordion-style shutters are different than our other models in that they specifically provide coverage for enclosed balconies, windows and sliding glass doors. Accordion hurricane shutters allow maximum floor space for terraces. Our accordion-style shutters exceed standards for both international and domestic building codes.

Product Summary & Features

  • Heavy duty shutters built to withstand hurricane force winds
  • Extruded aluminum and stainless steel parts
  • Encloses balconies with one single shutter for better protection
  • Can lock from inside or outside for increased security
  • Two-blade accordion system for extra versatility
  • More coverage per blade

Our accordion-style hurricane shutters are unique in that coverage increases per blade. The two-blade accordion system typical of these shutters allows for extra versatility. Accordion-style shutters have several features that set them apart from other storm barriers, including:

  • Durable shutters built to protect against torrential rain and hurricane winds
  • Extruded aluminum and stainless steel parts
  • One single shutter to enclose balconies
  • Locks that operate from the inside and outside
  • Custom radius track to fit bay windows
  • Center-mate and thumb-turn lock


Our accordion-style hurricane shutters have the fastest assembly and installation times in the industry. If you choose accordion-style shutters for your residence, you will be decreasing the “footprint” for balcony enclosures and improving the stacking on each side of the shutter.

Accordion hurricane shutters are a great solution to your NJ storm preparedness routine and they offer several benefits unrivaled by any other storm barrier. Accordion shutters are a dependable, long-term solution to the dangers of hurricane season. You will not need to set aside extra space, either — accordion-style shutters are almost invisible when opened completely. If you invest in these storm barriers, you will have the convenience of extra storage space in your garage or workspace.

Accordion hurricane shutters are convenient in several ways. One person is usually enough to prepare and operate these screens. Difficult windows to reach, like the ones on your second story, will be easily covered with these shutters.

If you choose our accordion-style shutters for your place of residence, you can rest assured that you’ll be enjoying several security benefits. These include visible barriers, optional end-retention systems, locking mechanisms and unobtrusive designs. Our shutters are made from non-corrosive materials and can be manually operated, motorized or remote-controlled.

Our accordion shutters meet and exceed the most stringent requirements for hurricane shutters in the industry. When they go to the lab, our hurricane shutters are tested for wind load, cyclic pressure and missile impact.

Accordion-style hurricane shutters from Liberty Door and Awning meet and exceed the most stringent requirements for hurricane shutters in the industry, including:

  • Florida Building Code (FBC) Non-HVMZ
  • Florida Building Code (FBC) HVMZ
  • Dade and Broward
  • International Building Code (IBC)
  • International Residential Code (IRC)
  • Texas Department of Insurance (TDI)
  • Miami-Dade County

Q: How do accordion shutters work?

A: Accordion-style hurricane shutters can be fitted with curved or transportable tracks for terraces or verandas.

Q: Can accordion shutters protect patios and balcony enclosures?

A: Yes. Accordion shutters are designed to protect windows, balconies and sliding glass doors used on patios.

Q: What is the accordion hurricane shutter built from?

A: The accordion-style hurricane shutters are manufactured from extruded aluminum and stainless steel.

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