Hurricane shutters are essential fittings on buildings in New Jersey. While we all hope we never need to use them, investing in quality products designed to withstand relentless winds and driving rain can make the Atlantic hurricane season a little less frightening.

Like all exterior fittings, hurricane shutters are exposed to extreme conditions and require regular maintenance to stay in tip-top condition. Liberty Door and Awning are the hurricane shutter service experts in New Jersey. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions, including installations, maintenance and repairs. 

Residential and Commercial Hurricane Shutter Services in NJ

Liberty Door and Awning provides exceptional services to homeowners and businesses throughout New Jersey. As residents of the Garden State, we have a unique understanding of local conditions and provide advice and recommendations gained from years of experience. Choosing the best hurricane shutter system to stabilize your building during a hurricane can be daunting if you aren’t sure what to look for.

Our expert team is ready to assist you and explain the features of each hurricane shutter style so you can feel confident about selecting options that will best suit your budget and property: 

  • Accordion-style shutters: These models fold flat, making them ideal for enclosed balconies, windows and sliding glass doors.
  • Bahama shutters: These popular shutters come in a variety of color options. The durable window covers protect the glass from driving rain and high winds.
  • Magnum roll shutters: These shutters combine security and storm protection, making them a good choice for businesses and homes with large windows.
  • Barracuda roll shutters: This style provides coverage and protection for many window sizes, so it is an excellent choice for beach homes in New Jersey. 
  • Studio Star custom-shaped shutters: This option is ideal for windows with irregular shapes or sizes. Each shutter is made and fitted to provide precise coverage. 

Hurricane Shutter Repair Service

Get your hurricane shutters inspected regularly to protect your home or business optimally during severe storms. Common issues include:

  • Wear and tear
  • Debris inside the system
  • Corrosion of parts due to exposure to sea air and loose bolts or parts.

Liberty Door and Awning technicians perform thorough inspections of hurricane shutters before the season starts to give you peace of mind. Professional hurricane shutter repair is essential to being well-prepared and protecting your property. By ensuring your hurricane shutters are in peak condition, you can safeguard your home or business and reduce the risk of damage from windborne debris during storms. Technicians from Liberty Door and Awning will perform inspections and make necessary repairs to keep your property protected.  

Hurricane Shutter Maintenance Near You

Liberty Door and Awning provides comprehensive hurricane shutter maintenance and repair services in New Jersey. We also supply and install new shutter systems throughout:

  • Atlantic County
  • Cape May County
  • Monmouth County
  • Ocean County

Safeguard Your NJ Property With Hurricane Shutter Service and Repair

Trust the Liberty Door and Awning experts to keep your hurricane shutters in optimal condition. We can help you prepare your New Jersey property for Atlantic hurricane season by performing routine maintenance and repairs to your hurricane shutter system. We can also install new systems and provide custom solutions to cover unusual-shaped openings. To have your existing hurricane shutters assessed to ensure your property is fully protected, call us today!