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NJ Awning Installation

We know how beneficial the addition of an awning can be for homeowners. Our quality awnings and shades provide you with targeted sunlight protection, with custom sizes and colors to complement the design of any home or business. Whether you want a pop of color to highlight your business or a cool cover to help you relax outside in the sun, trust us to be your professional New Jersey awning installers.



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Protect Your Home

Your home or business can take a beating from the sun’s intense heat and ultra-violet rays. The addition of an awning on your patio, window or door will protect you from all weather conditions. Shades and awnings prevent heat from coming through your windows, block snow from piling up on the patio and are a creative, eye-catching installation for any home. Our awnings come with fire-retardant and corrosion-resistant options for added defense against damage and tear. 


Types of Awnings We Install

We offer several styles of stationary and retractable awnings. Our quality awning products are perfect for shading your home or patio awning and will brighten up the appeal of any outdoor space. Our awning options include:

  • Retractable awnings: Our retractable awnings are a convenient, stylish way to bring shade to your patio. We carry retractable awnings in several durable and attractive Aristocrat and Globe models.
  • Window and door awnings: Window and door awnings will help shield your patio from harmful UV rays, cooling your outdoor space for years to come. Choose from several shades to find a complementary style for your home or business. 
  • Pergola canopy shades: Our motorized canopies protect your patios from the heat and act as a stylish cover for any outdoor area. Covering glass canopies with shades helps prevent warping and heat damage.
  • Exterior solar shades: Outdoor solar shades help reduce energy costs by blocking sunlight and heat from coming through your windows. Our roll-up shades are tailored to your home to ensure they fit well, look good and protect your living areas. 
  • Retractable horizontal shades: Horizontal shades are a creative, attractive solution to blocking low light. These shades are easy to install and come in various sizes to suit all outdoor spaces.

With over 20 years of experience, Liberty Door and Awning can provide you with the best awning style for your property. If you’re looking for high-quality, knowledgable retractable awning installers, our extensive selection of shades and covers has something for everyone!

New Jersey Awning Repair Services

Even with regular maintenance, general wear and tear, harsh weather and accidents can damage your awning. If you’re experiencing problems with the awning’s motor, fabric tears or track issues, reach out to Liberty Door and Awning for help. 

As an expert New Jersey awning installation company, we offer free consultations for all your awning needs. Our expert technicians will examine the problem and find you the best solution for restoring your awning and giving you back your shade.

Reap the Benefits of an Awning Addition

  • Cool your deck or patio area.
  • Prevent energy loss and protect your home from harmful UV rays.
  • Protect your entryways from snow and ice accumulation.
  • Choose from the many fabric choices and colors for a practical and beautiful home addition.
  • Increase your home’s market value with additional living space.
  • Select from weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant and fire-retardant fabrics for extra durability and protection. 

Superior Awning, Canopy & Shade Brands

Liberty Door and Awning has a reputation for quality, which is why we only sell quality awning products. We’re proud to offer beautifully crafted and constructed Aristocrat and Globe awnings for your New Jersey home or business. With the amount of variety you’ll find, you are almost sure to see the awning that is just right for you.

Aristocrat Awning Models We Offer Include:

  • The Estate: The Estate awning is the pride of the Aristocrat line, a highly popular model that’s great at defending decks and patios of a wide range of sizes from potentially damaging sun rays.
  • The Manor: This model is perfect for beachfront homes that may encounter a lot of wind-blown sand and debris. It has a supportive hood and tray and comes with a full cassette to protect the fabric when you retract the awning.
  • The Eko: Combining affordability and shade, the Eko has more limited size options but the same great sun blocking ability and other features.
  • The Slim Fit: An awning designed specifically for apartments and condos, the Slim Fit awning provides the same great features in a more compact retractable package.

Globe Models We Offer Include:

  • Preferred XL: An affordable retractable awning that can provide nearly 300 square feet of shade.
  • XL Cassette: For plenty of shade with enhanced fabric protection thanks to a quality cassette design.

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If you don’t have an awning on your property, what are you waiting for? If you’ve been holding back because of concerns about price or quality, you don’t need to wait any longer. Liberty Door and Awning has just the right awning for you. We’re sure you’re going to love whichever of our awnings you allow us to install on your property. There’s no time to waste, so get in touch for your amazing new awning today!

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