The Aristocrat Estate retractable awning is the most popular retractable deck awning in the Aristocrat line because of its great look and its flexibility to accommodate virtually any deck, patio or porch.

The Estate retractable awning is suitable for porch or patio areas up to 41 feet wide. Whether you need an awning for a backyard deck or a retractable patio awning for the front of the house, these attractive, durable awnings will do the job. When not in use, you can leave the awning out as an appealing accent to your home, or easily retract it into its sturdy cassette where it is safe from the elements and out of sight.

Retractable Awning: Perfect for Patios & Decks


Remember that when the Estate retractable awning is extended, it is also blocking the amount of sunlight entering your home. This keeps your home cooler, so you can save on air conditioning costs. When you are out enjoying your deck, you can also be secure in the knowledge that your awning is blocking as much as 94 percent of the sun’s dangerous ultraviolet radiation.

If you’ve been avoiding going out on your backyard patio or front porch because you lack adequate protection from the elements in New Jersey, Liberty Door and Awning can help you right now, before you miss another great summer day on the deck. Just give us a call at 732-286-3667 or get in touch for a free estimate online today.


With the Estate retractable awning, you’ll find the following features:

  • Semi Cassette, width 6’11” to 41’
  • Standard frame includes base model and tray (greater than 18’ width) or hood & tray (greater than 23’ width)
  • Comes in White, Sandstone or Earthstone
  • Manual or Motorized
  • Valance: 11 standard styles as well as custom styles and lettering options. The valance is included but not attached.
  • Lifetime coverage on frames
  • 12 years on Craft-Bilt Collection Fabrics
  • 5 years on motors and controls


  • Steel square bar frame support (aluminum optional)
  • Frame consists of base model, tray (greater than 18’ width) or hood & tray (greater than 23’ width), optional tray (18’ width or less), hood (23’ width or less) and back
  • Width: 6’11” to 41’ in 1-inch increments
  • Projections: 4’11”, 6’7”, 8’2”, 9’10”, 11’6”, 13’ 1”
  • Fabric: Solution-dyed acrylic.

Design Options

Options include frame with optional tray 18’ width or less, hood 23’ or less and back, three attractive colors (White, Sandstone and Earthstone) and an aluminum bar instead of steel for frame support.

Optional accessories include:

  • Wind sensor
  • Sun & rain sensor
  • Vario valance
  • Light kit
  • MyLink™ motorized awning control system

About Somfy® and MyLink™

Your Aristocrat Estate retractable awning motorization is powered by Somfy®, a leading name in motorized products. Somfy® offers the MyLink™ system, a Smart technology not unlike the MyQ™ system offered by LiftMaster™ for garage door openers.

With MyLink™, you can retract or extend your awning from anywhere you have Wi-Fi access and your Wi-Fi-enabled device. All you have to do is download the mobile app to your phone, tablet or other device for complete remote control of your awning. No matter where you are, you can open or close your awning, set a timer or just check the position of your awning with MyLink™.