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New Jersey Garage Door Opener Installation and Repair

Working with reputable garage door opener installers and repair experts is crucial for maximizing the device’s performance. Liberty Door and Awning offers expert garage door opener installation and repair for residential and commercial properties in New Jersey. Regardless of how complex your garage door opener needs may be, our technicians provide effective and efficient solutions.  

A Premium Selection of Openers for Your Garage Door

When choosing an opener for your garage door, you must prioritize quality to ensure reliable, smooth operation and longevity. At Liberty Door and Awning, we carry an extensive range of high-quality garage door openers from LiftMaster® with various technological features to meet your needs. 

Residential Garage Door Openers

Our residential garage door openers are built to last, making them the ideal choice for any home. We have various types of LiftMaster openers in our inventory, from chain-drive models for heavy lifting to wall-mount options for better space efficiency. Whether you need a garage door opener replacement or a new installation, our team can help you choose and install the opener that best suits your home and requirements. 

Commercial Overhead Door Operators

We offer an outstanding selection of commercial overhead operators with the durability, convenience and efficiency that LiftMaster is known for. Our team is skilled at installing various types of commercial openers, including trolley, jackshaft and slide door operators. These commercial-grade operators can significantly enhance your overhead door’s performance, improving your business’s operations. 

Garage Door Opener Repair Solutions

While garage door openers are designed to provide reliable performance, these devices consist of many moving parts that operate under demanding conditions. As a result, you might come across a few issues with your openers over the years. We provide several garage door opener repair services to keep your system in peak condition: 

  • Motor: The opener’s motor is responsible for powering the entire system. When the motor malfunctions or stops working, we can determine the issue’s cause and conduct the necessary repairs. We repair both AC and DC garage door opener motors. 
  • Chain or belt: With consistent use, the tension level of the chain or belt can loosen or tighten, impacting the operation of your garage door. When this problem occurs, we can adjust the belt or chain on your garage door opener to ensure it is appropriately fastened. 
  • Trolley carriage: Since the trolley carriage connects the garage door to the opener, it is one of the most essential moving components in the system and needs to be in good working condition. Our team can handle any trolley carriage problems safely and promptly.  
  • Sensor: If your overhead door stops responding when you try to open it, there may be an issue with the sensor. We can troubleshoot garage door opener sensors to detect malfunctions or misalignments and conduct repairs if necessary. 
  • Gears and sprockets: Gears can become worn out without lubrication or due to an improperly balanced garage door, which prevents the sprocket from functioning properly. With our garage door opener repair service, we lubricate and tighten the opener components and fix any contributing issues. 

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