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Just like any other door opener, it’s quite common for garage door openers to stop functioning properly. The reasons for this vary depending on several factors such as the type of door opener, malfunctioning remote control, worn out gears and sprockets and blocked photo eye, among many other reasons. Some door opener problems such as replacing remote control batteries can be fixed at home, while other problems require the expertise of a professional garage door opener repair service technician.

Types Of Door Openers

For you to understand why your door opener is not functioning, it’s a good idea to know the type of door opener you’re using. This will help you know when to contact a garage door opener repair technician. The three most common types of door openers include:

  • Chain drive
  • Belt drive
  • Screw drive

Chain Drive

The chain drive door opener is the most common type. This type of opener uses a chain to pull or push a trolley that closes and opens your garage door. Chain drive openers are ideal for detached garages due to their noisy mechanism.

Belt Drive

As the name suggests, a belt drive opener uses a belt to move your garage door up and down. These openers are relatively quieter in comparison to the chain drive opener. They’re also a little bit pricey.

Screw Drive

A screw drive garage opener spins a threaded steel rod to open and close the door of your garage. This type of opener consists of fewer components, making it easier to maintain.

Common Garage Door Opener Problems

The most common garage door opener repairs involve the replacement of worn-out gears, sprockets and the realignment of the photo eyes. Other problems require replacing the door opener’s circuit boards, motors, drive trains, drive belts, limit switches and trolleys among many other parts. This opener repair service is not a simple DIY task. It requires the input of a competent door repair technician.

Some of the common problems that affect the garage door opener include:

  • Blocked photo eye
  • Disruption of the operator power source
  • Sensitivity issues, when sensitivity is out of alignment
  • Remote control malfunctions
  • Adjustment screws, causing the garage door to reverse before hitting the floor

Blocked Photo Eye

This is the most predominant problem that affects garage door openers. A photo eye uses laser technology to detect if a person or object is blocking the path of the door, preventing the door from lowering. However, if the photo eye is blocked by dirt or dust or due to a malfunction, the garage door cannot function properly.

Operator Power Source Is Disrupted

A garage door cannot open or close when the operator’s power source has been disrupted. Check the power outlet to find out if the motor unit has been plugged in. Make sure the outlet is functioning or determine if the circuit breaker has tripped. Consider calling a garage door specialist if you’re having trouble resolving this problem.

Sensitivity Is Out Of Alignment

Setting the sensitivity of the garage opener too low or too high affects its performance. This is common with newly installed garage doors. To reset the sensitivity level, adjust the limit switch and close force to the correct sensitivity levels.

Remote Control Malfunctions

The garage door may fail to open with a remote control if you’re out of range. The antenna on the motor could also be blocked from the RC signals, making it impossible to open and close the garage door.

Garage Door Reverses Before Hitting The Floor

Garage door openers consist of adjustment screws that control the closing force that allows the door to descend. If the garage door reverses before hitting the floor, it means these adjustment screws need readjustment.

Getting the right type of garage door opener can make the difference when it comes to ensuring optimum functionality. Test your garage door opener after installation to ensure that it’s safe for operation and doesn’t pose any danger to other users.

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