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Benefits of Awnings

Updated: June 12, 2024


5 Best Benefits of a Home Awning

A home that’s adorned with additional exterior features will grab anyone’s attention. Whether it’s an elevated porch, a sunroom or beautiful awnings over your doors and windows — they’re sure to get heads turning. If you’re considering an extra feature for your home, an awning or awnings are a fantastic option with plenty of benefits. 

Awnings allow you to have control over the amount of sun and shade your doorway or porch receives. We will examine the types and benefits of awnings below.

Types of Awnings

The most common types of window and door awnings include fixed and retractable awnings:

  • Fixed awnings: Fixed awnings cannot move and remain in the same position once installed. They are commonly used by businesses but are also a good option for homes. They are extremely durable and able to stand up to strong winds, heavy rainfall and intense sunlight all year round. 
  • Retractable awnings: Retractable awnings offer a wider range of motion and are favored by homeowners for their versatility and durability. You can shade your area or allow sunlight in with a retractable awning. 

The type you choose will depend on your personal preferences and where you want to put the awning. For example, you might install fixed awnings over your windows, where they’ll remain in position year-round. A retractable awning works well over patio and porch spaces where you want to alter your sun and shade exposure throughout the year. 

1. Year-Round Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of installing an awning is how much you’ll save on energy bills, specifically during the summer. 

Sunlight can pass through your windows and doors even when they’re closed, which can increase your energy bills during the summertime. When sunlight passes through your windows and doors during the summer months, you could be forced to rely more heavily on your air conditioning unit. An awning absorbs light and disperses heat before it enters your home, which helps keep your house cool during the warm season without too much help from the AC unit. 

Fixed awnings remain in position all year, so your awnings will work to disperse heat during every season. With retractable awnings, you have a little more flexibility. You can raise your awning during the summer to keep your home cool and lower your awnings during the fall and winter to allow the sunlight in. And if you want to enjoy the sunlight fully during the summertime, you can lower your awnings and let it all in!

3. Increased Curb Appeal and Value

Aside from being a protective feature, both fixed and retractable awnings are available in an impressive array of colors and prints

Awnings are naturally attractive features, whether fixed or retractable. They add an element of flair and style to your home. Awnings may also increase your home’s value if you ever consider selling it. 

Aside from being a protective feature, both fixed and retractable awnings are available in an impressive array of colors and prints. Different prospective buyers might prioritize different awning characteristics: The durability element of fixed awnings may make them more attractive to some homebuyers, while others might be interested in motor-operated retractable awnings, which are easy to raise and lower. 

3. A More Flexible Living Space

A retractable awning gives you more control over your living space. You can expand or retract it as you wish to determine the amount of sunshine or shade the area receives at any time. Privacy, in addition to flexible living spaces, is a greatly valued feature for many homeowners.

With an awning, you can add a privacy barrier while lounging outside or protect your interiors from nosy neighbors. If you don’t want an awning extended from your home at all times, you can also enjoy the flexibility and convenience of a retractable awning that folds into a protective unit when not in use or during inclement weather.

4. Enhanced Exterior Space and Comfort

Awnings are versatile, and they allow you to maximize and enhance your exterior space as you wish. You can place furniture under a fixed awning so that you stay cool and comfortable during the summer months. You can also place dining tables and chairs under your awning on a patio space to eat outdoors while staying protected from the sun. However, if you want to receive the full amount of sun, you’ll need to move your furniture since your awning itself does not move. 

Retractable awnings offer more flexibility — and, thus, perhaps more comfort. You can also place furniture under a retractable awning, and you can shift the position of your awning to customize the amount of sun you receive. For example, you can retract the awning in the morning to enjoy the sun and put the awning back up during the afternoon to stay protected from the more intense heat. 

5. Minimal Maintenance for Maximum Return

Awnings are fixed attachments that don’t require much maintenance. However, to extend the life span of your awning, it’s best to check for signs of wear and tear regularly and contact a professional awning installation company if you need help fixing or replacing your awnings. 

You’ll want to check your awnings at least once a month. Inspect them thoroughly, and clean them according to manufacturer instructions. You can also rinse your awnings to get rid of dust, insects and debris. 

Regular inspections and maintenance are especially important for retractable awnings. Retractable awnings go through stress every time they are retracted. Their life span will largely depend on the materials used. For example, untreated canvas awnings can experience rot or tearing. Acrylic and man-made materials are water-resistant and may last longer. 

The maintenance requirements for awnings are minimal, and you can enjoy your shaded areas without needing to worry about performing intensive maintenance.  

Liberty Door and Awning Is Your Awning Solution

Home awnings are functional, versatile and cost-effective, and they offer many benefits for homeowners, including energy efficiency and increased curb appeal. At Liberty Door and Awning, we will identify your needs and requirements and install the most suitable and efficient awning. We want nothing but the best for you and your home. 

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Liberty Door and Awning is your Awning Solution