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Top Six Garage Door Maintenance Tips

A garage door is one of the largest moving components in your home or business. These devices require regular maintenance and attention for proper functionality to keep your home safe from inclement weather and theft. You open and close your garage door hundreds of times each year, but how often do you inspect the parts of your garage door system?
At Liberty Door and Awning, we specialize in garage door installation and repair. While our experts can repair and help maintain your Clopay® or another brand Garage Door, there are ways that home and business owners can prolong the lifespan of their doors for greater safety and less upfront costs.

6 Garage Door Maintenance Tips

How can you maintain your garage door on a regular basis? Follow our list of garage door maintenance tips to keep your investment in the best condition possible.

1. Look and Listen

Automatic garage door openers provide warning signs when something is off. Ideally, a garage door’s movement will be smooth and quiet. Scraping sounds and noisy mechanics can be a sign of damage.
Check to make sure nuts, bolts and hardware are fastened correctly. Vibrations from opening and closing your door can be enough to knock tracking loose. Use a socket wrench in the event that pulleys and roller brackets are unsymmetrical.

2. Lubricate Garage Door Components

Garage door lubricant sprays are one of the most affordable routes for maintenance and upkeep. This process takes just about 10 minutes each year and can save you money by preventing wear and breakage. Apply white lithium grease to rollers, chains and hinges, and wipe off excess spray. You can also lubricate pulleys and springs about twice each year for corrosion prevention.

3. Inspect Cables and Door

Lift cables help open and shut your garage door through pulleys and springs. You should never attempt to adjust these high-tension parts without a professional, but you can tell if strands are broken and require replacement. If cables appear damaged, schedule a maintenance appointment to prevent mechanical failure.
Remember to regularly check that your door is clean and free from dents, scratches, weather damage and other imperfections. Doors that have warped or changed shape over time are a threat to tracking and may not fully shut.

4. Check Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is typically made of rubber and installs along the bottom of your garage door. Make sure that your door’s weatherstripping is intact and creates a tight seal when fully closed. Weatherstripping is your first line of defense against cold weather, runoff, dirt and pests.

5. Test Garage Door Balance and Auto-Reverse Features

You can see if your garage door is properly balanced by disconnecting the opener and manually lifting the door halfway open. If the door stays in place without your help, your garage door system is balanced and free from unwanted stress. Garage doors that slowly fall to the ground indicate that springs are growing old and need to be replaced.
For safety purposes, automatic garage door openers are equipped with auto-reverse features. If something is in the way of your garage door, your system should begin to open again. Test this feature by placing a brick at the base of your garage door and see if auto-reverse kicks in.
If your garage door fails the balance or auto-reverse test, contact a professional immediately.

6. Set a Garage Door Maintenance Schedule

A garage door and its tracking system are investments worth protecting. By inspecting your garage door components regularly, you can better secure your home and avoid the need for complete replacements. Following our guide for garage door maintenance will prolong the lifespan of your garage door — but when you need a professional, call Liberty Door and Awning.
Schedule our garage door maintenance program on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis for tune-ups, repairs and replacements. Our team caters to your home or business with the following services:

  • Correct disruptions in tracking
  • Verify tension settings across the garage door system
  • Adjust sensitivity levels for braking, opening and closing
  • Replace worn out parts such as cables and chains
  • And much more

Contact Liberty Door and Awning for Garage Door Maintenance Services

Liberty Door and Awning is the largest Clopay® Garage Door Dealer in New Jersey. Serving Atlantic, Middlesex, Mercer, Monmouth and Ocean Counties, our experts offer residential and commercial garage door installation and repair services. For more information about our selection of Clopay® products, contact Liberty Door and Awning today.

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