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Garage Door Maintenance

How to Remove Snow and Ice From Your Garage and Garage Door

Your garage is a great way to keep your car clean and save you time from scraping snow and ice. Sometimes, snow and ice accumulate in your garage and on the door from regular leaving and entering or when the snowfall is heavy. It’s crucial to know how to properly remove snow and ice from your garage door to prevent accidents. But what’s the best way to remove the snow and ice? How to Remove Snow From the Garage Floor When you use your garage during the winter, it’s easy to track snow onto the floor, eventually resulting in snowmelt. […]

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How to Make Your Garage Door Last Longer

Quality garage doors are a long-term investment, and you can make sure they last as long as possible with preventive maintenance. A little care now can reduce the costs of repairs in the long term and save you thousands by giving you a few extra years with your current garage doors. Make Garage Doors Last Longer To make the most of your garage door’s lifespan, you will want to: Replace smaller parts as they break: The lifespan on a garage door spring is about 10,000 cycles. Springs need to be replaced in four to seven years on average, depending on how […]

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How to Clean a Garage Door

Your garage door faces a fair share of exposure to the elements — that’s why washing it regularly is an important part of maintenance. Regular cleaning removes obvious debris, and it can also uncover dents and other issues requiring your attention. But what’s the best way to clean a garage door? How Often Should You Clean Your Garage Door? Most modern metal garage doors need to be cleaned and waxed at least twice a year. If your home is exposed to particularly harsh elements, such as high sun or road salt, you may want to consider waxing and washing your […]

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Chain vs. Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

Home and business owners rely on garage doors for convenience, storage and security. The way you install your system is just as important as the design and style of your garage door. Should you equip your garage door system with a chain or belt drive? At Liberty Door and Awning, we understand that finding the perfect garage door system can feel overwhelming. Considering the advantages of chain vs. belt drive configurations can help you make the right decision. Chain and belt drives are both reliable investments. Choosing the best route for your installation will depend on expectations and preferences for your […]

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Top Six Garage Door Maintenance Tips

A garage door is one of the largest moving components in your home or business. These devices require regular maintenance and attention for proper functionality to keep your home safe from inclement weather and theft. You open and close your garage door hundreds of times each year, but how often do you inspect the parts of your garage door system? At Liberty Door and Awning, we specialize in garage door installation and repair. While our experts can repair and help maintain your Clopay® or another brand Garage Door, there are ways that home and business owners can prolong the lifespan of […]

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Best Entry Door Based on Your Preferences

Have you ever been strolling through your neighboorhood when a beautiful home caught your eye? Maybe it had cute gingerbread trim, a swooping A-frame roof, a wraparound porch or a huge bay window that would be perfect for snuggling in a sunny armchair with an engrossing book. Or maybe the front door caught your eye. With cute frosted windows, gleaming white paint and accent beams that looked rustic and modern at the same time, the door seemed to stand proudly above the front steps and invite you into its beautiful home. If you love bay windows but your house doesn’t […]

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Why It’s Important to Keep Your Garage Door in Good Condition

When it comes to your garage door’s condition, your security is of paramount importance. Keeping your garage entrance in good shape affects your everyday life and even your safety. You need to think about the state of your garage door because: 1. Your Garage Door Protects You, Your Property and Anyone Who Lives With You A properly working garage door won’t slam down on your car, yourself, your pets or visitors. It will also open and close promptly, allowing you to enter your property immediately and get to safety quickly if you need to. For many homes, a sound garage […]

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Preventing Garage Door Break-Ins

Your garage doors are the front line of defense against home break-ins and car theft. If you keep anything of value in your garage, such as tools or bicycles, sturdy doors can also protect this property from thieves. Garage door safety is particularly an issue if you have a door leading to your residence or business from your garage. Anyone breaking into your garage could access your whole property. In many cases, thieves target garages because they can be a more accessible point of entry as compared to front doors. Fortunately, you can take several steps to prevent garage break-ins […]

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How Winter Weather Affects Your Garage Door

If you have a garage, then you know how important your garage door is during winter months. It protects your car against harsh weather conditions, prevents cold temperatures from penetrating your the interior of your house and provides a safe environment for you to comfortably leave and enter your home. But like many items or fixtures throughout your home, you may find that cold temperatures and winter weather can wreak havoc on your garage door system, causing unwanted and unexpected breakages, warping and delays. While garage door damages and repairs are often inconvenient and costly, you can avoid winter-related garage […]

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What Garage Door Service Do I Need?

Garage doors are an essential part of your daily activity, giving you safety and convenience when leaving and entering your home. With proper routine maintenance and care, your garage door should last at least 20 years — garage door openers are typically reliable for about 10 to 15 years. However, even the most durable and efficient garage doors will eventually succumb to normal wear and tear, and they’ll need quality repairs. Keeping your garage door in quality condition is not a passive pursuit. As a homeowner, it’s important to recognize signs of future repair needs and have your garage door […]

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