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Garage Door Installation

Chain vs. Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

Home and business owners rely on garage doors for convenience, storage and security. The way you install your system is just as important as the design and style of your garage door. Should you equip your garage door system with a chain or belt drive? At Liberty Door and Awning, we understand that finding the perfect garage door system can feel overwhelming. Considering the advantages of chain vs. belt drive configurations can help you make the right decision. Chain and belt drives are both reliable investments. Choosing the best route for your installation will depend on expectations and preferences for your […]

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How Can an Insulated Commercial Garage Door Change Your Business?

The kind of garage doors your company has may seem like a minor concern, but your garage doors can have a significant impact on your business. The right garage door can provide various benefits to your company, employees and customers. For many organizations, an insulated commercial or industrial garage door is the right choice. These doors typically consist of exterior and interior steel skins separated by a continuous thermal break and filled with foamed-in-place polyurethane foam. This construction provides superior insulation that can be extremely beneficial for your business. Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors You might wonder if insulated garage […]

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Picking a Garage Door for a New Home Build

Building a new house offers you the opportunity to customize a fresh home that perfectly fits your personal aesthetic and daily needs for years to come. During the design and construction phases of your house, you may be primarily concerned with what type of interior materials and finishes best suit your daily activities. However, an important feature of your home to also consider is your new garage and garage door. Garages are an important space because they keep your car and other possessions safe and protected as well as provide additional storage for hobby items, seasonal decor and landscaping tools. With the […]

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Garage Door Size Guide

If you’re thinking about getting a new garage door, you’re probably wondering what size your garage door is. It’s a good question. The size of a garage door will affect several things, including how much garage door replacement will cost, how heavy your door is and what kids of garage doors are available for you. So, how big is a garage door? Average Size of One-Car Garage Doors As you’re probably aware, all garage doors are not the same size. The size of your door depends in part on the size of your garage, so the size of a one-car […]

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Can I Add Windows to My Existing Garage Door?

Let’s say you installed your garage door five years ago and, at the time, you ordered it without windows. Now you feel your garage is creepy and dark, and you’re wondering if you could add a few windows. Can I add Windows to My Garage Door? Yes, you can add windows to your garage door, even after the door is installed. Adding windows to your garage door enhances its architectural appeal and lets light in, making your garage feel a lot like an open room and less like a dark tunnel. Windows also add some level of beauty that sets […]

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How Do You Know You Need a New Garage Door

A garage door is a vital cog in the operation of any home. In fact, most homeowners use their garage door as a front door — they enter and exit it far more than the traditional entry door. But, no matter how much dependable use you’ve gotten out of a garage door, the day will come when it’s time for a replacement. You don’t want to replace it too early and spend unnecessary money, but you don’t want to wait too long and spend money on repairs that would be better spent on a full replacement. To help you make […]

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New Garage Door Installation – Ready for an Upgrade?

Your garage door, just like the rest of your home’s exterior, is constantly exposed to the elements. Add that to the wear and tear of daily use and, eventually, aesthetically and mechanically, your existing garage door will give out. Throughout its life, your garage door will require maintenance and a few repairs but at some point, it will probably need to be replaced. How can you tell when it’s time for new garage door installation? Diminished Performance With age, most mechanical devices no longer perform the way they did when they were new. The same is true of your garage […]

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