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Garage Door Size Guide

If you’re thinking about getting a new garage door, you’re probably wondering what size your garage door is. It’s a good question. The size of a garage door will affect several things, including how much garage door replacement will cost, how heavy your door is and what kids of garage doors are available for you. So, how big is a garage door?

Average Size of One-Car Garage Doors

As you’re probably aware, all garage doors are not the same size. The size of your door depends in part on the size of your garage, so the size of a one-car garage door will be smaller than the size of a two-car garage door, which may be smaller than a commercial door or an RV door.
All standard residential one-car garage doors designed for normal cars are seven feet high. How wide they are can vary. Your door will usually be either 8’ x 7’, 9’ x 7’ or 10’ x 7’. You should have no problem fitting a full-size car, SUV or even a pickup truck or van through such a door.

Average Size of Two-Car Garage Doors

If your garage is large enough to accommodate two cars, the door will usually also be large enough for two cars to get out. The larger garage door provides extra safety and convenience for a car that’s trying to get in or out when there is already another car parked in the garage.
For a double garage door, typical size dimensions are 12’ x 7’, 14’ x 7’ and 16’ x 7’. As you can see, the smallest double garage door is only slightly wider than the widest single door, while the widest double door is twice as wide as the standard single door. This larger door is also useful if you have an unusually wide vehicle.
If you have something like an RV or a larger truck, these double garage doors will still probably not be large enough to accommodate them. In these cases, you’ll need an RV garage door that’s around 16’ wide and 8’ tall. You’ll also need a garage that can accommodate the added height and length of an oversized vehicle.

How to Measure Your Specific Garage Door Size

All this information is great, but it still doesn’t tell you how big your particular garage door is. To find that out for certain, you have to measure it yourself. A simple tape measure or your phone’s tape measure app should be all you need to do the trick.
You can be sure the height of the door is 7’, but you should check it anyway. Measure from the middle of the door at the spot where it fully retracts into the overhead of your garage down to the ground. Then, measure the width of the door from the middle of one side of the opening to the other. Your door’s thickness will probably not be an issue, but it can’t hurt to measure it anyway. Double check your measurements to make sure you have it right.

What to Do With Your Garage Door Measurements

So, now you know the size of your garage door. What do you do with this information? If you’ve had your garage door for some time, this could be a great opportunity to look into replacing it.
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