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Preventing Garage Door Break-Ins

Your garage doors are the front line of defense against home break-ins and car theft. If you keep anything of value in your garage, such as tools or bicycles, sturdy doors can also protect this property from thieves.

Garage door safety is particularly an issue if you have a door leading to your residence or business from your garage. Anyone breaking into your garage could access your whole property. In many cases, thieves target garages because they can be a more accessible point of entry as compared to front doors.

Fortunately, you can take several steps to prevent garage break-ins and enhance your security:

1. Invest in an Up-To-Date Garage Door Opener

Modern systems have smart features that can automatically close your garage door if it has been left open and alert you if your door is open when it shouldn’t be. You can also install an alarm system with a modern door system or install doors with automatic locks and lights. These features help keep your property more secure. Today’s smart garage doors even allow you to monitor, open and close your door using an app on your mobile device. You can enjoy more control over your security, even when you’re away from home.

2. Protect Your Door Release Trigger

Most garage doors have a release trigger so that you can get out of your garage or home during a power outage. Usually, this trigger is located near the top of the door. In this case, thieves can push the top of your door slightly and use a piece of wire to trip the trigger so that the garage door opens.

To prevent garage door break-ins, you may want to disable the safety release. In many models, this process is as easy as cutting the cord, which is usually attached to the emergency release. You can also put a zip tie over the actual release trigger. It will need to be cut in an emergency, but it will discourage theft.

Another option is to install a shield in front of the door release. Many companies make them to ensure no one can push a wire through the door to release the trigger.

3. Install Manual Locks

By installing heavy manual locks on the inside of your door, thieves would have to crush your entire garage door to gain entrance. However, these are only effective when you are home to lock the door from the inside. Their effectiveness also depends on your willingness to use these manual locks each time you open and close your garage door. They will not work if you only use them once in a while.

4. Practice Good Garage Door Habits

Preventing garage break-ins starts with your day-to-day practices. Get into the habit of keeping your garage doors in good condition, and never keep it open when you’re not present. Even leaving your garage doors open and unattended for a few minutes is enough for someone to break in or target your property. Learn how breaks-in happen and get proactive about stopping thieves before they get a chance to steal from you.

Are You Interested in Preventing Garage Door Break-Ins?

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