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General Tips

How to Remove Snow and Ice From Your Garage and Garage Door

Your garage is a great way to keep your car clean and save you time from scraping snow and ice. Sometimes, snow and ice accumulate in your garage and on the door from regular leaving and entering or when the snowfall is heavy. It’s crucial to know how to properly remove snow and ice from your garage door to prevent accidents. But what’s the best way to remove the snow and ice? How to Remove Snow From the Garage Floor When you use your garage during the winter, it’s easy to track snow onto the floor, eventually resulting in snowmelt. […]

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Is Garage Door Damage Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Updated 3/24/2022 You pay your homeowner policy premiums on time to enjoy peace of mind, and your coverage protects you against theft, fire and other disasters like hurricanes. But does homeowners insurance cover garage door repairs? Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Garage Doors? Every policy is different — so if you have questions about what is covered when it comes to your garage doors, read your policy or contact your insurance company. In general, garage doors are covered by typical home insurance policies. What is covered and for how much can vary, though? In some cases, you may not be covered. […]

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How to Make Your Garage Door Last Longer

Quality garage doors are a long-term investment, and you can make sure they last as long as possible with preventive maintenance. A little care now can reduce the costs of repairs in the long term and save you thousands by giving you a few extra years with your current garage doors. Make Garage Doors Last Longer To make the most of your garage door’s lifespan, you will want to: Replace smaller parts as they break: The lifespan on a garage door spring is about 10,000 cycles. Springs need to be replaced in four to seven years on average, depending on how […]

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Showroom vs. Online

These days, you can buy just about anything online — from shoes and computers to automobiles and garage doors. While some purchases are ideally suited to online shopping, others can benefit from the personal touch you can only get when visiting or meeting with the seller in person. Garage doors and awnings are examples of products that are better to see up close before you make a decision. If you live or own a business in New Jersey, a visit to the fully appointed Forked River, NJ, garage door and awning showroom operated by Liberty Door and Awning can add […]

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Top Six Garage Door Maintenance Tips

A garage door is one of the largest moving components in your home or business. These devices require regular maintenance and attention for proper functionality to keep your home safe from inclement weather and theft. You open and close your garage door hundreds of times each year, but how often do you inspect the parts of your garage door system? At Liberty Door and Awning, we specialize in garage door installation and repair. While our experts can repair and help maintain your Clopay® or another brand Garage Door, there are ways that home and business owners can prolong the lifespan of […]

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What Is Wrong with My Awning? 5 Solutions to Common Awning Issues

An awning is a valuable investment for your home. It provides shade, protects your deck or patio from the elements and adds a pleasant visual element to your home. Awnings can also improve your home’s energy efficiency and increase the value of your home. The installation of a new, motorized retractable awning can cost a little under $2,000. The best awnings will last for many years, but, like any piece of your home, they require proper maintenance. Whether you have a retractable awning or a manual awning, age and regular use necessitate care and cleaning. When issues occur, awning repair […]

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8 Ways to Upgrade Your Garage

  If you’re like most homeowners, you’re always looking for ways to improve your home on a budget. Painting, new lighting, new furniture, window treatments, new flooring — no doubt you’ve spent a lot of time dreaming of the possibilities. But what about the garage? It’s easy to overlook your garage because most homeowners don’t consider it part of their “living space.” But, 63% of American homes have a garage or carport. That means that there’s a good chance your garage has replaced your front door as your home’s primary entry and exit. Even if you only use your garage to […]

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How to Choose the Perfect Garage Door

Step 1: Picking the Style Step 2: Selecting the Material Step 3: Selecting a Design Step 4: Choosing Insulation Step 5: Choosing Accessories Additional Considerations Choosing a Garage Door Opener Weather-Resistant Garage Door Whether you’re building a new home or looking to upgrade your current home’s curb appeal, you may find yourself on the search for the perfect garage door. Replacing an aging garage door offers one of the highest returns on investment of all home projects, making it a great move. Once you’ve decided to install a new garage door, you’ll quickly find that there is a huge number of replacement […]

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Tax Refund Home Project Ideas

It’s tax season, and if you end up with a refund, you might be thinking about where to spend that money. Many people choose to invest their tax returns into their home. If you’re planning to go that route, we recommend planning now so that when your check comes in the mail, you already have your tax fund home improvement ideas all lined up. Keep reading to discover the tax return home project ideas that add the most value to your home. Top Five Tax Refund Home Improvement Ideas These tax refund home improvement project ideas are simple, affordable and […]

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How to Open Your Garage Door If There’s a Power Outage

Those summer thunderstorms can do more than rile up your pets and soak your yard. If they’re accompanied by strong winds or an ill-timed lightning strike to a transformer, a storm can quickly deprive your home of power for an extended amount of time. Beyond shutting down your fridge and water pump, it might also render your garage door opener unusable. While modern technology might have us think that garage doors are unopenable without a motorized lift, you can work around that by using a built-in alternative system. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, here are some […]

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