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How to Remove Snow and Ice From Your Garage and Garage Door

Your garage is a great way to keep your car clean and save you time from scraping snow and ice. Sometimes, snow and ice accumulate in your garage and on the door from regular leaving and entering or when the snowfall is heavy.

It’s crucial to know how to properly remove snow and ice from your garage door to prevent accidents. But what’s the best way to remove the snow and ice?

How to Remove Snow From the Garage Floor

When you use your garage during the winter, it’s easy to track snow onto the floor, eventually resulting in snowmelt.

Leaving snowmelt where it is on the floor can cause safety hazards and damage the floor, so it’s best to learn how to control and remove it. Here are a few ways you can control the snowmelt in your garage:

1. Use a Squeegee

Using a squeegee is a simple and effective way to remove snowmelt from your garage. Once the snow from your car melts onto the ground, you can just use the squeegee to push the water outside.

2. Brush Snow Off Your Car

A simple way to control the amount of snowmelt in your garage is to brush all the snow off your car and tires before parking. The less snow there is, the easier it is to keep the garage floor dry.

3. Park on Cardboard Boxes

To keep the snow and any salt left behind on your tires from contacting the garage floor, you can place old cardboard boxes in your parking spot and park the car on them. Using cardboard is an inexpensive way to soak up the snowmelt instead of it falling on your floor.

4. Invest in a Fan and Dehumidifier

Keeping your garage floor dry can be challenging in the winter, but using a fan can help the drying process occur faster. Additionally, using a dehumidifier can remove excess humidity which can keep the floor as well as other areas of your garage drier.

How to Remove Ice and Snow From the Garage Door

Similar to removing snow from the garage floor, it’s also important to remove ice and snow from the garage door to enable to it to keep working properly.

Here are a few tips to remove ice and snow from your garage door:

1. Clean the Snow and Ice

One of the best practices to prevent ice and snow buildup around your garage door is to remove it regularly. Check daily that no snow or ice is building up in the door tracks or where your door rests.

2. Use a Blow Dryer

Apply heat to the ice on your garage door by using a blow dryer to melt the ice. You’ll want to move the blow dryer back and forth, so the ice melts at a steady pace.

3. Use Salt to Melt Any Ice

Just like people spread salt over the driveway to melt ice, you can use salt on your garage door. You can even use table salt if you don’t have specific ice-melt salt.

Keep Your Garage Door in Great Condition With Maintenance

During the winter, it’s essential to prevent snowmelt and ice damage to your garage. Regular maintenance can help you prepare for the winter and ensure your garage can handle the cold season.

Our team at Liberty Door and Awning knows how to help you keep your garage door in top condition. We offer garage door maintenance and tune-up services to keep your door performing at its best. Reach out today to schedule a service appointment.