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Do I Need Insulated Garage Doors in New Jersey?

The garage may not be a living space, but proper insulation is an essential consideration when buying a new garage door. Garages often have insulated walls to keep them warm during winter and cool during summer. But having an insulated garage and an uninsulated garage door is just like leaving the door wide open. Heat and cold from outside can pass through an uninsulated door and throw off the room temperature. This steals energy and comfort away from the adjacent rooms in your home.
New Jersey can be frigid, with an average low of 27 degrees F in February, and hot, with an average high of 86 degrees F in July. Because of that, we recommend insulating your garage doors to avoid extreme temperature fluctuations during summers and winters. Investing in an insulated garage door saves you energy, heat and money. It also keeps your house comfortable throughout the changing seasons. Here are four reasons you should get an insulated garage door.

  1. Insulation Will Save You Money

Most energy-saving strategies focus on the interior of the house. This makes total sense. Better heating systems and energy-efficient windows can help lower your energy costs. It’s no surprise most people overlook their garages.
But garages have rooms adjacent to them. This means that uninsulated garages create temperature irregularities in the rooms next to them. Adding insulation to the doors will moderate the temperature in the garage, helping you save on energy costs.

  1. Insulated Garage Doors Offer More Durability

Another advantage of insulating your garage doors is added durability. This is because insulated garage doors are built from single-layer doors, which makes them very sturdy. Since the garage door stands up to cars, equipment, and kids, the extra durability is an added advantage.
Most modern garage doors are made from aluminum and steel frames. The frames are filled with core insulation, which is then inserted between steel panels. This style of construction ensures the door is lightweight, making it less likely to get damaged compared to older, non-insulated doors.

  1. Insulated Garage Doors Keep Your Properties Safe

Insulated garage doors help keep your car and other properties safe. A car stored in an insulated garage is unlikely to be affected by freezing temperatures, which can:

  • Shorten a car’s battery life
  • Thicken engine and brake fluids
  • Damage the plugs and wiring

The same applies for those cans of paint stacked in your garage. Extreme temperatures can change their consistency and render them unusable. Insulating your garage door can, therefore, have a big impact on your car as well as your belongings.

  1. A Conditioned Garage Is More Beneficial

Most people use their garages for other activities besides parking their vehicles. If you work or exercise inside your garage, keeping it warmer makes it more habitable. In cold areas, like here in New Jersey, that warmth can make a big difference. Additionally, going to and from the house becomes much easier when you pass through a warm zone. If you need to move your kids from the house to the car, it is simpler to do so in a conditioned garage.

Contact the Best Insulated Garage Door Dealer in New Jersey

At Liberty Door and Awning, we have insulated garage doors that deliver maximum thermal efficiency. These garage doors add comfort to your home by protecting it from temperature fluctuations and air infiltration. If you’d like to learn more about insulated garage doors, contact us at today 732-286-3667.

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