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Five Benefits of a WiFi-Connected Garage Door Opener

In an era defined by technology and smartphone apps, home and business owners enjoy having control at their fingertips. Imagine the convenience of being able to open and shut your garage door right from your phone. With new innovations to garage door systems, you can implement a WiFi-enabled opener for your garage.
Liberty Door and Awning brings customers an innovative method for monitoring garage door activity with the LiftMaster MyQ app. If you are on the fence about installing a smartphone-controlled opener, rest assured — there has never been a better time to incorporate this technology. Transform your home or business with improvements in safety and security.

5 Benefits of Smart Openers

Here are five reasons to add a smart garage door opener to your system.

1. Monitor Garage Door Activity Using WiFi

Smart garage door openers let you remotely monitor the activity of your garage. We have all been in a situation where we cannot remember if we shut the door before leaving for work. Using your smartphone, you can access security features and have notifications sent to you any time the garage door is open or shut while you are away.

2. The Convenience of Control from Any Smartphone


WiFi-connected smart openers cater well to homes with multiple vehicles. Instead of sharing a physical remote or device, smartphone applications let users open and close doors from anywhere. If someone gets locked outside or a friend needs to enter your home, you can grant permission effortlessly.

3. Install a Smart Opener Quickly

Home and business owners often choose smart garage door openers after hearing how easy they are to install. After the initial purchase, there is no ongoing subscription or added fees to use services such as the MyQ app. Simply configure your smartphone device with included instructions for a total setup time of about one or two hours.

4. Create a Custom Schedule

Adding a WiFi-enabled garage door opener to your setup allows you to create a predetermined schedule for entering and exiting your home. Depending on the app, security features enable users to set up a window of time for garage doors to open and close based on your routine. Having garage doors open right before you leave for work saves you time and effort, and security preferences can lock components until you return.

5. Get Temperature and Weather Sensors

Whether you are inside your home or running errands, a smart garage door opener can save you from scrambling in the event of a passing storm. Depending on which WiFi-connected garage door system you choose, some models are equipped with temperature sensors for the safety of your belongings.

Contact Liberty Door and Awning for Smart Garage Door Openers

Liberty Door and Awning takes pride in our talent for garage door installation and repair. As the leading Clopay® Garage Door Dealer in New Jersey, we offer our customers a variety of LiftMaster WiFi-enabled garage door openers compatible with the MyQ app. Serving Atlantic, Middlesex, Mercer, Monmouth and Ocean Counties for over 20 years, Liberty Door and Awning brings you complete garage door solutions.
For more information about smart garage door opener installations, be sure to contact Liberty Door and Awning today.

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