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Motorized vs. Manual Retractable Awnings

When adding an awning to our home, there are many customizable options you have to make an awning the perfect addition. One of the most popular awning options many homeowners enjoy is a retractable awning style.
Retractable awnings give your deck, patio, or porch the best of both worlds. When you want protection and shade, the awning can fully extend and provide coverage. When you would rather layout in the sun, then the awning can fully retract so that is doesn’t cast any shade.
If a retractable awning is what you are looking for, the next question to answer, and one we get often, is should you choose a motorized retractable awning or a manually retractable awning.
To answer that, here are some of the key benefits of both motorized and manual retractable awnings:

Motorized Retractable Awnings:

  • The awning will unfurl with the touch of button and remote, preventing you from having to do the work yourself.
  • Because of the motorized featured, you can go from glaring summer sun to completely shaded coverage and back again faster than with a manual retractable awning.
  • Sensors can be included that detect direct sunlight and can then unfurl the awning to provide shade and help keep your home cooler, helping to cut down on high summer A/C costs.
  • An especially added benefit is that with additional sensors can be added to your awning. These sensors can detect certain weather changes like high winds and will automatically retract the awning to prevent damage that can often happen in bad weather to awnings.

Manual Retractable Awnings:

  • While the manual may make us think of intense work, manual awnings can be unfurled and retracted with relative ease.
  • Even in the event that you lose power as we can after some of the big New Jersey summer storms, your awning can still be open to provide your home with shade, cutting down on the cooling costs.
  • Because of the simplicity of the awning, less, not none, but less maintenance will be needed over the life of the awning.
  • Also because of their simplicity, manual retractable awnings tend to more affordable than motorized awnings.

Both motorized and manual awnings can be the perfect solution for your home. To help more in figuring which awning type may be best for you, take advantage of a free awning consultation. Our expert awning consultants will help you find the right awning for our home. For more information or if you have any more questions, give us a call today.


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