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Garage Door Weather-Stripping

While it may not be the most obvious feature of your garage door, the weather-stripping along the bottom of the door is an essential component to your system. The weather-stripping of your garage door is simply a piece of rubber attached to the bottom panel that protects your home from the weather as well as:

  • Keeps your garage dry by reducing the amount of moisture entering through your garage.
  • Improves your home’s energy efficiency by providing a reliable barrier against external temperatures and helps maintain the temperature throughout your home.
  • Prevents pests from finding a way into your home.

By having weather-stripping on the bottom of your garage and keeping the materials in good condition, you can easily prevent unwanted damage and maintain the condition of your home.

Lifespan of Garage Door Weather-Stripping

Like the other components of your garage door, the weather-stripping is not intended to last throughout the lifespan of the door. Depending on your local climate conditions and how often your garage door is used, your weather-stripping should be replaced every one or two years. Signs you need to replace your weather-stripping include:

  • The material isn’t springing back into place, or it’s leaving gaps beneath the door.
  • You notice drafts coming through the space at the bottom of the garage door.
  • The rubber is hard or not bending to create a snug seal.
  • The metal around the garage door is starting to rust.
  • There are puddles of water near or around your garage door.

When you begin to notice signs your garage door weather-stripping is becoming worn or damaged, replace it quickly to avoid damaging other parts of your garage or items stored in your garage.

The Importance of Replacing Weather-Stripping and Keeping Your Garage Door Maintained

Having effective garage door weather-stripping and keeping this piece in quality condition is an important step of regular garage door maintenance. Not only does keeping the weather-stripping intact mean added protection for your garage door, but it also protects your home against extreme temperatures, water damage, ice and pest intrusion as well as drafts that could greatly increase your utility costs.
If you’re ever unsure about the condition of your garage door’s weather-stripping or are uncomfortable with performing replacements, then call a professional garage door servicing company to perform routine garage door maintenance — ideally once per year. During maintenance visits, the technicians at Liberty Door and Awning inspect moving parts, clear debris, lubricate pieces of hardware and check door balance. As needed, our professionals will suggest repairs and recommend upgrades for a more efficient garage door.

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The weather-stripping on your garage door is a crucial component for protecting your home against variable climates and pests, and keeping this piece in good condition is an important part of regular home maintenance. For residents of Ocean, Middlesex and Mercer Counties, NJ, when you need assistance replacing your weather-stripping or performing garage door maintenance, trust the trained and experienced professionals at Liberty Door and Awning. We have over 45 years of experience serving New Jersey homeowners, and we believe in offering comprehensive services, establishing trusted, long-term customer relationships and providing affordable solutions.
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