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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Opener Horsepower: What Do You Need?

Garage door openers use horsepower to open and close your garage door. To ensure the door opens safely and efficiently, it’s essential to use the correct amount of horsepower for your type of door. How Much Horsepower Do I Need? Determining what size garage opener to get depends on how much horsepower you need to move your garage door. When you are figuring out how much horsepower you need for your garage door opener, consider the following factors: Garage door size and weight: The amount of horsepower used to open a door differs for the weight and size, including the […]

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Residential Garage Door Openers

You probably don’t give much thought to your garage door opener, at least until you need to repair or replace it. That’s when you recognize the value of this small, sophisticated motorized device — and how difficult it is to live without it! The many automatic garage door opener benefits include: Convenience: An opener eliminates the need to get out of your vehicle to open or close the door, something that most people particularly appreciate when it’s raining or cold out. Security: A properly functioning opener makes it harder for intruders to get inside your garage and gain access to […]

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Five Benefits of a WiFi-Connected Garage Door Opener

In an era defined by technology and smartphone apps, home and business owners enjoy having control at their fingertips. Imagine the convenience of being able to open and shut your garage door right from your phone. With new innovations to garage door systems, you can implement a WiFi-enabled opener for your garage. Liberty Door and Awning brings customers an innovative method for monitoring garage door activity with the LiftMaster MyQ app. If you are on the fence about installing a smartphone-controlled opener, rest assured — there has never been a better time to incorporate this technology. Transform your home or business with […]

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Reasons to Buy a New Garage Door Opener

Sometimes the reasons to buy a new garage door opener are obvious. If your old one has died and no longer opens, you may have no choice but to get a replacement right away. However, even if your old model is still mostly functioning, you’ll find several smart reasons to invest in a new garage door opener. 1. Your Old System Is Outdated If your old system lacks the modern features you want, you may want to get a new garage door opener — even if your old model is still mostly functional. This is especially the case if you […]

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Knowing When to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Knowing when to replace your garage door opener is essential. When you notice the signs that your opener is on its last legs, you should replace or repair before opening your garage door becomes inconvenient or causes a safety issue. By heeding these moments, you can save yourself an expensive rush repair job and complete your repairs or replacements on your schedule before a small problem becomes a serious issue. Signs you need to replace your garage door opener include: 1. Vibrations If your opener’s motor is vibrating in its housing, it may be worn out or have mechanical defects […]

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Why Should You Change Your Old Garage Door Opener?

Garage door openers have populated homes across America since the early 1900s, but they’ve come a long way since then. While yours might continue to combat Father Time, it might be smart to replace that older model with a new system and all of the advantages that it brings. Only you can decide on the right time to change your garage door opener — here are some reasons to consider the switch. Create a Safer Environment While your old opener might still work reliably, it’s likely not as safe as it should be. Any models created before 1993 technically do not meet a federal law that […]

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Ultimate Guide to Garage Door Opener Installations

Your garage door opener is a reliable and convenient feature of your home, helping the garage door to move up and down safely and smoothly. If you need a new garage door opener, before replacing it with a basic, inexpensive model, it’s important to understand the different types of openers available and choose a machine that works best for your daily needs, lifestyle and budget. Signs You Need a New Garage Door Opener Unless your garage door opener has completely stopped operating altogether, you’ve likely seldom considered upgrading your opener to a newer version or noticed signs that your home […]

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Cold Weather Effects on Garage Door Openers

Updated 3/24/2022 As you may realize, cold weather affects garage doors and openers in many ways. The more you know going in, the more prepared you’ll be to handle them. Cold Weather Effects on Garage Door Openers Your garage door system is a machine. Like any other machine, it has moving parts. And like anything with moving parts, temperature changes can have an impact on how they operate. Cold weather especially can affect your garage door since it’s outside. In the cold, your garage door opener may strain to open the door, which could create greater energy costs to you […]

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What’s the Best Type of Garage Door Opener?

You probably don’t often find yourself contemplating garage door openers. That being said, the time may come when you need to replace yours or have one installed for the first time. Automatic garage door openers used to be a novel luxury. Today, we now take their rudimentary convenience for granted. Should you ever need to purchase or replace one, it’s worth it to be familiar with the best type of garage door opener for your house. There are four main types of garage door openers: Chain Drive Openers Chain drive openers use a chain pulley system to bring up your garage […]

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