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How to Care for Your Awning

Do you plan on installing or currently have an awning on your property? If so, you might be wondering how to maintain your awning.

An awning provides shade and protection from the elements. Since they live their entire life outside, though, they need the right care. In fact, taking care of your awning is essential for extending its lifetime and getting the most out of your investment.

Tips to Care for Your Awning

Like many things on the exterior of your home. If you leave your awnings to fend for themselves, you’ll find yourself replacing them every few years. But if you know how to care for your awning, it can last much longer than that.

Here are some tips to care for your awning, so you can keep it looking and working great:

1. Clean Off Debris

Fallen leaves, pollen, cobwebs and other natural debris can turn both the top and underside of your awning into big messes. But you don’t always need to go for the hose. Try dry sweeping the debris away using an outdoor broom. Sometimes, using water can make debris harder to get off fabric. Dry sweeping is always the best first step. Make sure the areas around and above your awning are clear as well. Clean gutters and rooftops before cleaning your awning to avoid double the work.

2. Patch Test First Before Cleaning

Before you soak your awning with a cleaning solution, do a test by applying the cleaner to a small area. You don’t want to accidentally stain or fade your awning fabric. Finding the right test spot is easy. Spray a little of the cleaner on a hard-to-see spot, let it sit and then look for any changes. If you do notice any discoloration or fading, try using plain water instead of a bottled cleaner.

3. Pick Your Cleanser Wisely

If your awning doesn’t come with a specific cleaner, try using a gentle product. Harsh chemicals may cause your awning fabric to discolor, or even break down over time. We recommend mixing hand-washing soap with water. Use a cloth to gently scrub the dirty spots on your awning until they’re clean.

4. Rinse Completely

If you do apply any kind of cleaner to your awning, you must rinse it off completely. This is a very important step in learning how to care for your awning. If you leave any cleaning residue on your awning, it will react with the sun which may cause damage. Be sure to hose down the entirety of your awning at the end of your scrub session.

5. Safety First

When addressing how to care for your awning, it’s crucial to know how to care for yourself, too. If your awning is low to the ground, standing on a step stool or ladder will help you reach it. For higher up awnings, take your time in cleaning. Your safety comes first, always.

How Liberty Door and Awning Can Help

We’ve been in business for over 20 years, so we know awnings. If you have any questions or think you need an awning replacement, contact us today. We’re here to help in any way we can.

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