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Retractable Awnings -The Different Types and the Benefits They Provide

Awnings are not a new invention. They have been used throughout the ages. First used by ancient Egyptian and Syrian civilizations, one of the most remarkable awnings of ancient times was the Velaruim. Used by the Romans, this was massive system of retractable shade structures could be deployed above the seating areas of the Colosseum. While awnings gained popularity in the first half of the 19th century, the earliest modern version of the retractable awning didn’t appear until the last half of the century. Having evolved, they have made great strides since then. Today’s retractable awnings are available in two different types, manual and automatic.

Manual Retractable Awnings

Awnings that retract manually utilize a hand crank. The crank is rotated left or right to either retract or extend the awning. A manually operated awning is not reliant on electricity, which does have certain benefits that some may find attractive.
In the case of a power outage, a manual awning will still be operational. Should the outage be storm related, you will still be able to retract and protect the awning from the elements. Since manual awnings don’t require any electrical wiring, the installation process is less involved and typically less expensive than installing a motorized awning.

Motorized Retractable Awnings

The biggest difference between motorized and manual retractable awnings is convenience. The awning does not have to be retracted by physically rotating the crank. You can choose between relaxing in the sun or the shade with the simple push of a button. Due to the ease of operation with motorized awnings, you may find yourself enjoying your deck or patio more often.

Motorized awnings are constructed with telescoping arms which extend and retract along with the awning. This mechanical design feature offers a cleaner, more streamlined appearance than manual awnings. Many homeowners prefer both the convenience and look of motorized awnings. Their appearance also complements homes with a modern design better than manual awnings.

Awning Benefits

Manual or motorized, adding retractable awnings to your home provides multiple benefits.
Protection From the Elements
Seeking shade isn’t just about comfort. It is also about protecting your health. Awareness and concern about the ill effects of the sun on our skin and eyes are rising. Protection from harmful UV rays, especially for children, is important in planning outdoor living spaces.
Stress-Free Entertaining
With outdoor entertaining, there is always uncertainty. Will the weather cooperate? The threat of a surprise shower doesn’t have to drive the party inside. Simply extend the awning to protect your guests and entertainment space.
No Commitment
Retractable awnings provide versatility, allowing you to have a covered space that isn’t permanent or stationary. It is easily extended and retracted, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space out in the open or in the shade. If you change your mind, it only takes a few minutes to switch.
Retractable awnings will not disrupt the design of your outdoor space. When extended, it is an attractive addition that enhances the appearance and functionality of the space. When not in use, the awning is concealed in a sleek housing that is barely noticeable.
Longer Durability
Because the fabric and components of retractable awnings are not constantly exposed to the elements, they are less susceptible to damage and fading than a stationary awning.

Which Type of Retractable Awning is Right for You?

Ultimately, deciding which type of retractable awning is right for your home is a matter of personal preference. Some homeowners prefer a manual awning since it is not dependent on electricity. Others feel the convenience of a motorized awning is the best option.
The experts at Liberty Door and Awning can assist you in making the perfect awning solution for your home. We take pride in our talent for awning installation and repair and offer an extensive array of beautiful and reliable products by Aristocrat Awnings and Globe Canvas Products and. Contact us today and have your retractable awning installed in time for the outdoor entertaining season.

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