Garage Door Service In Jackson, NJ

Jackson is a mecca for people who love amusement parks and it’s also a great community for those who choose to live there. If you have a home with a garage in Jackson, NJ, we want you to have a beautiful garage door to go with it. That’s why you should call Liberty Door and Awning right away. Whether you have an old garage door that needs replacing, are seeking an efficient repair of your existing door or need new awnings or hurricane shutters installed, Liberty Door and Awning is your answer.

Garage Door Service In Jackson, NJ

Garage door service is our specialty and has been for nearly half a century. As a garage door dealer and repair company, we are uniquely qualified to handle all of your residential and commercial garage door, window and awning needs, with beautiful new garage doors, entry doors and related products and highly trained garage door installation and repair professionals at your service.

Garage Door Repair In Jackson, NJ

Garage door repair in Jackson, NJ, is not something for you to put off. A garage door that is stuck open, half-open or closed can present a serious safety issue. If your door is operating on one torsion spring, it could snap suddenly and bring your garage door crashing down. If it’s stuck open or partially open, intruders know they could have easier access to your home.

There’s no reason to delay your garage door repair when Liberty Door and Awning offers affordable and reliable repair throughout Jackson and surrounding areas in New Jersey. Our technicians know all major brands of garage door and garage door opener in use and have the parts and tools on hand to fix virtually any common garage door problem in short order.

Garage Door Maintenance In Jackson, NJ

To keep your garage door up and running smoothly day after day, contact Liberty Door and Awning to schedule regular garage door maintenance in Jackson, NJ. We perform a full inspection and maintenance procedure, including lubricating all moving parts, identifying worn-out or broken parts and replacing them with your approval, checking the weather-stripping, clearing debris from tracks and sensors and more.

We will identify potential problems before they become expensive repairs and help you prolong the life of our door.