Garage Door Service In Princeton, NJ

For all your garage door needs in Princeton, N.J., the only company to turn to is Liberty Door and Awning. We offer the highest-quality products and the best service you’ll find anywhere in the New Jersey area.

We are a full-service, locally owned and operated garage door and awning company offering everything from new door installation to repair, parts, maintenance and more. Our reliable hurricane shutters are especially critical for dealing with the severe weather systems New Jersey can be subject to.

Garage Door Service In Princeton, N.J.

A member of the New Jersey Better Business Bureau for almost 30 years, we pride ourselves on offering all types of garage door services. If you need a new door installation, Liberty Door and Awning can find you the best door for your home or business and send trained professionals to install it. If it’s a replacement, we’ll remove and take away your old door while installing the new one. If you need repair, our experienced repair technicians will arrive right away with the parts and tools to get your door working again like new.

If you’re interested in garage door maintenance — which anyone with a garage door should be — we also have a complete and affordable tune-up program to keep your door working day after day.

Garage Door Repair In Princeton, N.J.

When you have an issue with your garage door, there is no time to waste, as it presents multiple problems:

  • Dangerous: If your door is stuck completely or halfway open, it’s an invitation for potential intruders to try to break in. It’s also a safety issue, as the door could come down suddenly with someone or something underneath it.
  • Costly and Damaging: With the garage door open, you can’t protect your garage from losing heat in the winter or cool air in the summer, and heavy rains could damage anything inside the garage.
  • Limited Access: If your door is stuck closed, you have fewer means of exit from your home, and your car may be trapped inside or stuck on the street where it could be damaged.

Liberty Door and Awning has the training and tools to fix your garage door fast. We’ve seen it all, from broken garage door springs to frayed cables, dented panels, bad garage door opener motors and more. We know all major brands of garage door and have a full stock of new parts to complete your repair quickly and thoroughly.