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Garage Doors & Awnings in Mercer County, NJ

Liberty Door and Awning is the trusted source by the Mercer County area for Clopay garage doors, garage door openers and related services. We specialize in the sales, installation, maintenance and repair service of both residential and commercial overhead doors and access control products.

LiftMaster is the world’s #1 professionally installed garage door opener. Many homeowners use their garage doors as the main point of entry into their home. This results in thousands of open and close cycles per year. Our professional team of technicians provides routine maintenance to assure your opener functions properly at all times. In the event that something does go wrong, we’ll provide prompt and courteous service – usually in the same day.

As a LiftMaster ProVantage® dealer, Mercer County residents can count on Liberty Door and Awning to provide a superior level of professional expertise and responsiveness in the sales, installation and service of all LiftMaster brand products. 


  • Garage door replacement and installation
  • Residencial and Commercial garage door maintenance
  • Garage door service repair
  • Awning replacement and installation
  • And more…

Garage Door Service in Mercer County, NJ

Once we install your LiftMaster garage door opener, we don’t expect you’ll need service on it for some time, but anything can happen. Your opener may be subjected to an unexpected impact that damages it, or another problem with the door may affect the garage door opener. Whatever the issue, if you need any kind of service on your garage door opener or on your garage door itself, Liberty Door and Awning can take care of it for you.

Whether it’s maintenance, repair or installation, we have 50 years of expertise behind us, letting you know you’re going to get the best possible garage door service Mercer County, NJ has to offer.

Garage Door Maintenance in Mercer County, NJ

Although your LiftMaster garage door opener should keep your garage door opening and closing smoothly for years to come, it’s still a good idea to call Liberty Door and Awning a couple of times a year for scheduled maintenance on both your garage door opener and your garage door. Why? Because, as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and a little quality maintenance can go a long way towards helping you avoid costly garage door repair bills.

Even if your garage door seems in perfect working order, there could be a big repair bill waiting to happen. Your garage door parts will wear out eventually. Sometimes they will give you a sign that they are getting ready to go, and sometimes they won’t. If you’re sure to schedule regular garage door maintenance, however, your garage door professional can easily spot a part that needs replacement so you can take care of it before it becomes a problem.

Also, if it’s been a long time since your garage door has seen any service, you may be amazed at how much more smoothly it runs after you’ve had your maintenance visit. Even if it’s just some simple clearing away of debris and lubricating of parts, it can make a huge difference in your garage door’s operation.

Garage Door Repair in Mercer County, NJ

At Liberty Door and Awning, we built our reputation on our ability to bring effective, affordable garage door repair to Mercer County, NJ. For fifty years, New Jersey homeowners have known they can count on Liberty Door and Awning when something goes wrong with their garage doors. We’ve got people manning the phones all business day and a fleet of trucks ready to roll, so if you’ve got a problem with your garage door that needs repair, call us now.

We make fast, friendly service available to our Mercer County customers because we know how important it is not to delay if your garage door is broken. Even something as simple as an unbalanced garage door can become a big problem if left unattended. Just because you can still use your garage door doesn’t mean you should, if you know something’s wrong. Get it fixed now before it becomes a problem you can’t ignore.

Even if you don’t really mind having your garage door not work right, it can be a safety and security issue that puts your family in jeopardy. You don’t want a child wandering under a garage door that’s stuck half-open when it suddenly decides to come down. You also don’t want a potential intruder to wander by and note that your wide-open garage door might be an invitation to pay an unauthorized visit when everyone is sleeping.

For your peace of mind, the safety of your family and to ward off bigger costs later, let us take care of your garage door repair issue now.

Garage Doors in Mercer County, NJ

That being said, if your garage door has been giving you a lot of problems for a long time, you might want to consider replacing it. If you do, we have just the garage doors for you!

Liberty Door and Awning is a Master Authorized Clopay® Dealer, which means we’re directly certified to offer you “America’s Favorite Garage Door.” These doors are gorgeous, durable and customizable to fit in perfectly with your existing home exterior décor, and we’ve got them — so come check them out!

Awnings in Mercer County, NJ

Is the sun on your patio getting you down? How about the rain? Protect yourself from the elements in Mercer County on your terms with a beautiful and retractable Aristocrat or Globe awning. We’ve got a great selection and can install one for you in practically no time at all.

Check Out Liberty Door and Awning for Amazing Door and Awning Products

As you can see, Liberty Door and Awning is more than ready to help you with all your garage door, garage door opener and related product and service needs. Give us a call now at (732) 286-3667 or Contact us today for immediate assistance.

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