Wood-look Garage Doors

Wood-look Garage Doors for New Jersey Homes

Wood-look garage doors provide homeowners the best of both worlds; the look and beauty of wooden garage doors plus the durability of steel garage doors

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Our Wood & Wood-look Garage Doors

reserve limited edition series

Wood-look carriage house garage door
  • Handcrafted wood door
  • Multiple wood types (sustainably harvested)
  • 5 or 4-layer door with insulation
  • Customizable

reserve custom series

Wood-colored garage door
  • Natural wood door
  • Modern/contemporary style
  • 4-layer door with insulation
  • Customizable

canyon ridge ultra grain

Wood-look carriage house garage door
  • Wood-look door
  • Steel door with composite overlay
  • 4-layer door with insulation
  • Customizable

Reserve Semi-Custom

  • Authentic wood garage door
  • 3 wood species options (sustainably harvested)
  • 2-layer door with insulation
  • Customizable

modern steel

Light-wood garage door
  • Durable steel door
  • Flush or grooved panel options
  • 3, 2 or 1-layer steel and insulation
  • Customizable


  • High-end wood-look door
  • Steel with composite cladding and overlays
  • 5-layer door with insulation
  • Customizable

Classic Wood Collection

  • Natural wood door
  • Raised-panel, recessed-panel, or flush-panel
  • 1, or 3-layer door with insulation
  • Customizable

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Wooden and Wood-Look Garage Door

Garage doors have gained importance in recent years, as they provide a noticeable boon to a home’s curb appeal while offering other benefits like improved energy efficiency, increased overall value and protection from burglary.

That said, some people have grown disillusioned with a basic steel door, as they’re economical but not always aesthetically appealing. Depending on how they’re designed and colored, wooden doors can inject more character, charm and natural elements into any home’s facade.

However, solid wood doors also come with multiple disadvantages that can leave buyers second-guessing. Luckily, you can find a fair compromise by working with Liberty Door and Awning, as we diligently search for appropriate and satisfying solutions. As the largest Clopay® dealer in New Jersey, you can find top-quality wood-look garage doors that emulate the best qualities of real wood without a lot of the hassle.

Our staff, which has helped people for more than 20 years, will remain committed to your project from start to finish as we find the best door for your home.

What Is a Wood-Look Garage Door?

A wood-look style garage door is precisely that: A door that looks like it’s made of wood, but it’s not.

Instead, Clopay replicates the appearance of hardwood using different technologies, depending on what your preference is. You can find steel doors that use Ultra-Grain, which is a durable, natural-looking woodgrain paint finish. There are also doors that utilize a composite material as cladding and overlay, giving as close to an alternative to real wood as possible, while avoiding common pitfalls.

Regardless of which method you select, you will receive a beautiful wood-look door that will prove indistinguishable from afar, enhancing your curb appeal while allowing you to customize an affordable option.

Highlighted Features of Wood-Look Garage Doors

People quickly recognize the positives of a wooden door. After all, they’re not by any means terrible, but they’re susceptible to problems like high cost, warping, cracking, insect infestation and specialized repairs.

Regular maintenance and expensive fixes can wear down your patience in no time at all, but a wood-look door gives you the ability to sidestep those issues. Steel doors with both Ultra-Grain paint and composite overlays remain supremely durable, as you won’t have to worry about gradual wear from weather (which can be harsh during a large chunk of the year in New Jersey) or repeated paint jobs.

They’re also easier to clean, and you can personalize them with a variety of different styles, colors and stains at a lower price point. You can also expect better heat retention from steel compared to wood, which can lack in that area.

Initial installation of these doors will take up less time, as steel panels are lighter and easier to handle. A quicker installation means lower costs as well. When you need fixes, replacing and repairing steel panels is usually far less complicated than wood, which might require special orders of wood or stain to ensure that the new component matches the preexisting ones.

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