Craftsman Garage Doors

Craftsman Garage Doors for New Jersey Homes

Just like craftsman homes, craftsman garage doors provide homeowners with crafted beauty and design with their home. This garage door style matches well with many home styles here in New Jersey


Our Craftsman Style Garage Doors

reserve limited edition series

Wood-look carriage house garage door
  • Handcrafted wood door
  • Multiple wood types (sustainably harvested)
  • 5 or 4-layer door with insulation
  • Customizable

reserve custom series

Wood-colored garage door
  • Natural wood door
  • Modern/contemporary style
  • 4-layer door with insulation
  • Customizable

canyon ridge ultra grain

Wood-look carriage house garage door
  • Wood-look door
  • Steel door with composite overlay
  • 4-layer door with insulation
  • Customizable

Reserve Semi-Custom

  • Authentic wood garage door
  • 3 wood species options (sustainably harvested)
  • 2-layer door with insulation
  • Customizable

coachman collection

carriage house style garage door
  • Carriage house wood-look door
  • Low-maintenance composite and steel
  • 4-layer door with insulation
  • Customizable


  • High-end wood-look door
  • Steel with composite cladding and overlays
  • 5-layer door with insulation
  • Customizable

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Craftsman Garage Door

Perhaps no other style epitomizes American architecture quite like the Craftsman, which has seen its humble beginnings in the Industrial Revolution gradually grow into countrywide popularity.

The Arts and Crafts Movement aimed to fight back against a growing number of cookie-cutter houses during the early 1900s, as it prioritized unique home building by trained artisans who valued a satisfying balance of form and function. Various revivals, iterations and redesigns have been mounted since the movement initially slowed down in the 1930s, and finding complementary garage doors to blend into the aesthetic has grown in demand.

Liberty Garage Door and Awning, which has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, has a fully staffed team of service technicians and representatives who are ready to find ideal solutions to your home’s demands. If you need a superior Craftsman-style garage door that improves your curb appeal and adds valuable function, we can create it for you.

As the largest Clopay® dealer in New Jersey, we have a variety of options for you to consider.

What Is a Craftsman Style Garage Door?

A garage door that emulates the Craftsman style can be as versatile as you need it to be.

Generally, they’ll follow similar trends that you notice in the rest of the house’s exterior, which might include clean lines, large windows, natural materials, symmetrical designs and harmonious color schemes.

You’ll often see these calling cards lifted and placed onto one of our most popular garage doors: the Carriage House style. That said, Traditional style doors also work well in houses that prioritize the simplicity of the Craftsman style.

Highlighted Features of Craftsman Garage Doors

Our carriage doors emulate the look and feel of trends from hundreds of years ago. Carriage doors swung open at the center to conceal horsedrawn carriages in storage buildings and barns, much like the garages of today. They featured noticeable hardware (like big handles) as well as intricate paneling and natural wood.

With a renewed emphasis on modernizing old styles, carriage doors found a perfect fit on most cozy Craftsmans that strive for that blend of charming and practical. Several Clopay lines — like the CoachmanGalleryCanyon Ridge and Reserved (multiple series) collections — can all feature customizations that meet the popular craze while retaining characteristics that synergize well with your desired look.

If you want a modern, economical take on the past, the Gallery Collection is a steel door that imitates the appearance of wood by using Clopay’s Ultra-Grain paint finish. You receive the aesthetic benefits at a lower price point with infrequent maintenance.

Conversely, you could also go with the Canyon Ridge Collection Ultra-Grain Series or the Coachman Series to get closer to the real thing. These door models use composite wood cladding and overlay to replicate natural wood grains and texture. Depending on the collection, you can choose from various windows, colors and stains to form your ideal fit. In total, we offer more than 100 unique combinations.

The Reserve Collection is the real deal. The Limited Edition Series is one of the higher price points, but you will receive a genuine, handcrafted product that tops the charts on elegance and curb appeal. Choose between cedar, fir, redwood and meranti, and you can further personalize it by choosing between eight base door designs, optional windows and decorative hardware, and seven popular stains.

If you’d prefer to keep things straightforward, the Classic Collection (multiple series) and Classic Wood Collection both offer regular garage door appearances with optimal performance.

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