Contemporary Style Garage Doors

Contemporary Garage Doors for New Jersey Homes

If you’re searching for a sleek take on a garage door to match your home’s modern proclivities, Liberty Door and Awning will work with you to find the perfect contemporary style garage door.

Our Contemporary Style Garage Doors

reserve custom series

Wood-colored garage door
  • Natural wood door
  • Modern/contemporary style
  • 4-layer door with insulation
  • Customizable

modern steel

Light-wood garage door
  • Durable steel door
  • Flush or grooved panel options
  • 3, 2 or 1-layer steel and insulation
  • Customizable

canyon ridge ultra grain

Wood-look carriage house garage door
  • Wood-look door
  • Steel door with composite overlay
  • 4-layer door with insulation
  • Customizable

Avante Collection

  • Glass and aluminum door
  • Insulated glass panel options
  • Commercial grade aluminum frame
  • Customizable

We offer garage doors in all popular styles to best match your home. Explore our entire garage door selection

Contemporary Garage Door

If you’re searching for a sleek take on a garage door to match your home’s modern proclivities, Liberty Door and Awning will work with you to find the perfect contemporary style garage door.

We have a fully staffed team for service and production, and we’ve earned our reputation as the largest Clopay® dealer in New Jersey for the last 20-plus years. With our steadfast commitment to providing unparalleled results, you’ll receive a durable, beautiful and reliable contemporary garage door that significantly adds to your curb appeal.

What Is a Contemporary Style Garage Door?

“Contemporary” is a term that most often defines current trends, and it can be subject to change. Some might use it interchangeably with the word “modern,” but that’s not entirely accurate. “Contemporary” does not refer to a set period of time. Conversely, “modern” — in homeowner’s speak — typically refers to the style popularized between the early and mid-twentieth century. That said, the two do often overlap due to enduring trends that people love to come back to repeatedly.

Generally, you’ll see clean, defined lines throughout the unit — and it will also utilize a few functional, classic features that tastefully catch attention.

Highlighted Features of Contemporary Garage Doors

While the layout and dimensions of each element will vary to accommodate several subdivisions of style, you’ll typically find some hallmarks that continually pop up in homes throughout the country.

Many doors, like Clopay’s Avante Collection, utilize a lot of glass that produces abundant natural light. Evenly sized panes will use tinted, clear or frosted finishes, and a few doors will use windows asymmetrically — the panes will each have their own section, while all are resting on one side.

Material-wise, the frames will usually consist of aluminum, steel and wood to meet the varying demands of contemporary styles, which re-invent old choices or roll with high-tech materials.

Contemporary doors make use of aluminum because they’re better-suited for holding multiple window panes, and aluminum also holds more corrosion resistance to reduce maintenance responsibilities, which is a big demand for many new homeowners.

Some places depend on subtlety, with an emphasis focusing on neutral colors and smooth materials like fiber cement and siding. In that case, choices like the Modern Steel Collection offer both modern flush and grooved panels in 13 different finishes to provide a pleasant nod to the past, present and future.

Wood doors, like the Reserve Wood Collection, supply simplicity and the clean lines that so many people seek. Wood’s versatility allows it to meet your desire for uniformity or contrast, as a well-designed door can satisfy cravings for both.

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