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Winter Maintenance Tips For Your Garage Door in NJ

There’s never a convenient time to be confronted with a malfunctioning garage door. When temperatures start to drop in the winter time, garage doors can begin to stick, run slowly, and potentially even freeze shut. When you’re running late in the morning, the last thing you want is to discover that you’re unable to leave the house because your garage door won’t open. New Jersey winters can be unpredictable. In order to make sure everything continues to operate as it should, there are several things you can do to maintain your garage door in NJ.

Remove Debris on the Tracks

Gunk, grease, and debris build up on the tracks and rollers of your garage door over time, especially with frequent use. If your garage door begins to operate more slowly, it’s probably time to clean out the tracks. If left unmaintained, they can get so clogged that the door won’t open or close at all. In addition to debris, ice build up can also prevent garage doors from opening properly, which can leave you stuck out in the cold.

Lubricate Moving Parts

It’s actually recommended to lubricate the moving parts of your garage door a few times a year. After cleaning the tracks, it’s a good idea to apply a regular grade machine oil to all the moving parts of your garage door, including rollers, hinges, bushings, and the tracks themselves. These parts can stick during the colder months, so keeping them lubricated encourages free motion. Stay away from using a heavy axle grease as it can gunk and actually exacerbate problems with your garage door sticking. After lubricating the moving parts, wipe down any excess oil.

Check Weather Stripping

It’s important to ensure that any weather stripping is in good condition for your garage door in NJ. Cracks or holes can lead to snow or ice build-up underneath the door, which can cause it to freeze to the ground. Replace any weather stripping that is too old or worn. This will also serve to keep your garage warmer in the winter, which is beneficial for you, your car, and for any other items you keep in your garage.

During A Winter Storm

During a winter storm, are a few things you can do to protect your garage door in NJ. Pay attention to the weather forecast. If you’re in for a significant accumulation of snow, clear a little bit at a time rather than wait for all the snow to fall. This will cut down on the amount you need to shovel all at once, plus it will decrease the weight of the snow leaning on your garage door. That added weight can ultimately cause problems for the opening mechanism, especially for older garage doors.
Spread salt or sand in your driveway, especially around the garage door. There’s often a lot of water runoff from melting snow that turns to ice overnight, which can freeze your garage door shut, or make getting in and out of your garage hazardous.
Once the storm is over, it’s a good idea to inspect your garage door to ensure no damage was done and that it still runs properly.

Need to Replace Your Garage Door in NJ?

If you’ve cleaned the tracks and lubricated the parts but your garage door in NJ still isn’t functioning properly, it may be time to put in a call to Liberty Door and Awning. Our expert garage door installers will be able to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We offer a wide variety of garage doors that are sure to suit any home and any need. If you’re considering replacement of your garage door, give us a call today!

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