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How to Upgrade Your Backyard This Summer

With summer upon us, it’s time to focus on getting outside and enjoying the warmest months of the year. Is your backyard ready for use and entertaining? If not, here’s a look at several ways you can enhance your backyard and make it the ideal venue for summertime fun.

  • Add Outdoor Lights: Summer days are long, but there’s no reason to shut down the fun just because the sun has set. Add café or string lights and see your backyard transformed into an evening oasis where you can dine, imbibe, play yard games and do so much more.
  • Create Seating Areas: The most usable backyards are the ones that operate like living areas. Are there good places to sit and relax in your backyard? If not, consider adding lawn furniture. It need not be expensive — even plastic Adirondack chairs can be a nice addition, and they are often available in a spectrum of colors, which lets you add your own personal flair. You can even find ottomans that serve as both footrests and storage.
  • Plant Some Flowers: Are you hoping to make your backyard pop with color this summer? The fastest way to do so is to add some flowers or other colorful plants. Visit your local nursery and find flowers that require little in the way of watering and maintenance. Consider hanging plants in areas around your back porch.
  • Schedule Dining Opportunities: There’s something splendid about dining outdoors in summertime. Grilling is the old standby, but look for new and unusual ways to eat and enjoy your backyard this summer. One idea is to create a s’mores station — a place where you (and kids, if you have them) can have something delicious outside after meals or just for fun as long summer days come to an end.
  • Build a Game: Everyone loves a good backyard game. Consider building your own cornhole boards or washer pits. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can build oversized backyard versions of classic board games like Jenga and Connect Four. Oversized games are a great way to entertain and maximize the use of your backyard.
  • Dig a Fire Pit: Even hot summer days can turn into cool summer nights, depending on where you live. Add a fire pit to your backyard for an extra dose of coziness. A fire pit allows you and guests to keep wearing your summer attire and enjoying your backyard long after the sun sets.
  • Do Some Painting: Even if you’re not artistically inclined, try painting your backyard fence. You can try your hand at a mural, and you can even get your kids involved — they’ll love it. If nothing else, try painting your fence a summery yellow or a similar color.
  • Have Drinks on Ice: Everyone loves a nice cold beverage on a hot summer day. Make sure you’re prepared by adding a cooler stand to your backyard — something that’s always prepared and always ready to go as you get ready to do some summertime entertaining.
  • Maximize Relaxation: Make your backyard the ultimate summertime oasis when you add a hammock. Even if you don’t have the right trees, you can find hammocks that have their own stands. Simply place in the shade and get ready to maximize your relaxation.
  • Install an Awning: There’s no better place to enjoy your backyard than from under an awning. Awnings make everything cooler, which means you can enjoy your backyard regardless of the summer heat.

At Liberty Door & Awning, we can add the awnings needed to help you make the most of your backyard. We have been serving homeowners just like you in communities throughout New Jersey for more than 20 years. Make sure your backyard is ready for summer fun when you get in touch with Liberty Door & Awning.
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