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When Is It Time to Get Replacement Windows?

Have you ever felt a cold breeze coming from one of your windows, only to walk over and realize that the window in question is actually closed? If so, you definitely have a problem. Once it starts to get chilly outside, it quickly becomes clear whether or not you need replacement windows. If you’re looking to update your home, or you’d like to try and save a little money when it comes to heating and cooling, check your windows.

Look For the Signs

If you’re unsure about whether or not your windows need replacing or repairing, take a walk around your house and inspect your windows for any of these signs:

Extra Effort Required

Are your windows so hard to open that only the strongest member of your household can manage to pry them open? It’s possible that there’s a strong buildup of debris in the sashes, or a blockage of some kind, which can be hard to get to. For original windows on older houses, replacements for broken parts can be difficult to find, if they even still exist. Others find themselves with windows that have been painted or nailed shut. These are all instances where window replacement is the easiest option.

Poor Aesthetic Value

The paint on your old window frame may be excessively faded or chipped. Maybe the frame is cracked, or perhaps you want to update the exterior of your house. A new addition to your home with modern windows will quickly make you realize how bad the rest of your old ones might look. If your current windows are outdated or otherwise unsightly, you may want to consider replacing them.

Inefficient Energy Performance

If your house is excessively drafty in the winter, and hard to cool in the summer, you could have leaky windows. Over time, weather sealing wears away, especially on the sides of your house that are more exposed to the elements. If you notice drafts coming in through closed windows, condensation, or fogging on window panes, it may be more energy and cost-efficient to replace them.

Perks of Replacement Windows

If you have a lot of old windows in your home that aren’t performing well anymore, you might be hesitant when discovering the cost of replacing them. Considering the benefits of replacement windows may help make the decision a bit easier.
For example, modern windows are designed with better sound-proofing ability. They keep out the noise of car horns, dogs barking, traffic sounds, etc. At the same time, they also keep in noises from your home, like conversations, music, or the sound from the TV. You’d probably rather your neighbor didn’t hear you shouting about dirty laundry while they’re out walking their dog.

Replacement windows will also help regulate the temperature inside your home by not allowing outside air to leak in, and vice versa. In addition, replacing inoperable windows with ones that actually work can help improve airflow throughout your house. You no longer have to worry about having a stifling second floor if you replace the windows that have been sealed shut.
Windows need to function as they were meant to. They should be a barrier between the inside and the outside, yet one that opens and closes with ease and convenience. A window that won’t open is a fire hazard preventing you from possible escape, and a window that won’t lock is a security risk allowing easy access to the inside of your home.

Ready for Replacement Windows?

Window replacement is a fairly quick and easy process, depending on size. Our professionals at Liberty Door and Awning provides top quality window replacement, in addition to our other services. We work to provide beauty and comfort to our customer’s home. Trustworthy and reliable, you can be sure we’ll strive to give you the best end result possible. Contact us today and let’s talk about what we can do to help you.

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