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Storing Objects in the Winter

New Jersey can become a fairly harsh place in the winter, whether you’re forced to endure cold temperatures off the coast or cumbersome snow closer inland.

When fall begins to fade, most people will begin the arduous task of packing away their exposed possessions to prolong their lives in the face of brutal elements. Storing objects in the garage is a common practice, as some measured organizational practices can maximize your space.

Here’s a list of items that you should consider keeping in the garage, away from extreme weather.

  • Cars and car related equipment
  • Yard and garden care equipment
  • Outdoor toys and entertainment 
  • Infrequently uses items

1. Vehicles and Related Supplies

When considering what to store in your garage, the most natural answer is your vehicles. After all, that’s what garages were designed to hold.

In addition to the cars your family uses, you can also store motorcycles, boats and other vehicles depending on the amount of room you have. You can tape off spaces for various vehicles to better organize the overall space.

Garages are also a logical place to store related tools and materials, like fluids and maintenance items. You can install shelving, cabinets or racks to group these items together and conserve floor space.

2. Yard and Gardening Tools

If you regularly maintain your yard and other outdoor areas, you’ll likely have accrued quite a few tools to get assorted tasks done.

From raking to gardening to lawn care, your outdoor space will often require shovels, rakes, pots, lawn mowers, bags of fertilizer, shears, hoses, ice melt salt and multiple other objects. You should create a specific corner for those kinds of items to improve overall organization, along with hanging racks to keep the bulkier things (like hoses and rakes) off the ground.

3. Outdoor Toys and Entertainment

Entertainment possessions meant for outdoor use don’t need as much protection as other materials, but it can still be beneficial to keep them out of harm’s way.

Keeping them outside can result in damage, possibly making them unsafe for yourself or, even worse, your kids. Outdoor storage can also result in grime buildup, making them unsightly, smelly and possibly dangerous.

Items that fit into this category include pool accessories, folding chairs, patio furniture, bicycles, water guns and much more. Garage storage won’t keep all of these items perfectly clean, but it will reduce the possibility. You can also implement similar methods, like storage racks and bins, to keep all your toys and other objects preserved.

4. Infrequently Used Items

This category is a bit more general, as it largely varies from person to person.

From workout equipment to pressure washers to air compressors, you can safely store these objects in the garage during winter. By doing this action, you can free up space in your attic or basement for more frequently used or important things, like clothes, family heirlooms and much more.

Liberty Door and Awning Can Assist With Garage Organization

If you need help developing solutions to suit your storage needs without getting in the way of your garage’s functionality, you can consult with our experts, who have all the knowledge and experience to guide you along. Contact us today if you need services or questions answered.

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