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Residential Garage Door Openers

You probably don’t give much thought to your garage door opener, at least until you need to repair or replace it. That’s when you recognize the value of this small, sophisticated motorized device — and how difficult it is to live without it!
The many automatic garage door opener benefits include:

  • Convenience: An opener eliminates the need to get out of your vehicle to open or close the door, something that most people particularly appreciate when it’s raining or cold out.
  • Security: A properly functioning opener makes it harder for intruders to get inside your garage and gain access to your home.
  • Safety: Openers reduce the risk of injuries resulting from operating a door manually. You don’t have to worry about the door crashing down or getting your fingers caught anywhere.
  • Lighting: Some openers contain a small built-in light that will activate automatically when you open the door, providing additional nighttime safety and security.
  • Advanced technology: Many of today’s openers include access to downloadable apps that enable you to control your garage door’s function from just about anywhere. This provides peace of mind, allowing you to close the door at any time if you suddenly remember that you forgot to do so.

What Types of Residential Garage Openers Are Available?

Garage door openers come in several versions. The three most popular types are:

  • Chain-drive: These models feature a bicycle-like chain that pushes or pulls a trolley connected to a metal bar. They provide the power and reliability required for heavy-use applications, although they tend to be noisier than the other types.
  • Belt-drive: Unlike chain-drive units, these openers rely on a motor-driven reinforced belt to propel the trolley. Belt-drive openers are just as reliable as chain-drive openers, and they make less noise when operating. However, belt-driven openers also tend to be more expensive.
  • Jackshaft: A jackshaft wall-mount garage door opener features advanced technology consisting of motor-driven pulleys and cables that raise and lower the door via an attached torsion bar. Because they mount on the wall next to the door, these openers free up overhead space for storage and other purposes.

Liberty Door and Awning Offers LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

Liberty Door and Awning is proud to offer premium garage door openers from LiftMaster, the leading opener brand, to our New Jersey customer base. In our selection, you’ll find a full line of LiftMaster residential garage door openers, including belt-drive, chain-drive and jackshaft models.
As a LiftMaster ProVantage Dealer, Liberty Door and Awning can provide high-quality installation and service for any LiftMaster product. Our team will be happy to help you explore all the options, so you can choose the right opener for your needs and budget.

Contact Us to Learn More About Residential Garage Door Openers

A great way to learn more about garage door openers and our LiftMaster product line is by visiting our Forked River, NJ, showroom to get an up-close look. You can also give us a call at (732) 286-3667 or contact us online to schedule an estimate.

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